WAKE UP Britons!

Britons! Wake Up! You no longer have ‘free speech’ nor does it look likely that you will have the Brexit for which you voted!

It’s time to rise up and be counted.  Where is the British Spirit? All we need is your name,
your FULL NAME added to a Declaration, which you can read in full here. Then click here and SIGN your FULL NAME (scroll down until you see ‘leave a reply’).  You support us, then we will support you! As it is our intention to ensure that this Declaration that you sign will be inserted into our Constitution and never again will this happen to future generations.  What if this had happened in WW2??? Would they have given away our Sovereignty and Powers to Hitler????? So sign now here.

We also need your strong support in getting as many names to this Declaration so that we have immense support behind us,  as we intend to take legal action against those responsible. SHARE THIS OUT. SO COME ON – help to repatriate your Sovereignty and Powers back to Britain – it’s not much to ask – tell your grandchildren, you supported the fight for Sovereignty, you never gave up! Soros and Remainers may have billions, but we have passion, the British Spirit – as in the Phoenix – we will rise up from the ashes!!!

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