Is this what the U.K. has become?


It was not so long ago; you could hear the chants from the Remain and Left crying ‘racists! haters!,’ Did they not preach ‘love will win’, ‘freedom of movement to all’? Yet, not only do they scream and petition to ‘ban Trump’ but now, with the blessing of the Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, a giant ‘balloon depicting a baby crying Trump’ will be herald over Parliament Square – double standards!

It may be that it is reported that most Londoners dislike Trump (I question that; many Londoners remain polite and courteous) and those ‘elites’ were disappointed that their friend, Hilary Clinton, had lost – but where is their self-respect, their morals? Where were they when we allowed Robert Mugabe, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Xi Jinping (China, given their human rights record), Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire) – where were you then? Where were your balloons then?

They all forget, this is the democratically elected President of the United States, it is irrelevant whether you like him or not, or whether you agree with his policies – the U.S. is not our country, but are our longest and strongest ally. Business is business; it’s what’s best for the country, and by acting in such a puerile and irresponsible manner, will surely not only embarrass but put the Queen and Government in an awkward position; that’s if Mr. Trump sees this juvenile effigy. I am confident that Mr. Trump is far more intelligent a man to be upset by such a petty stunt, and will rise above it. Shame the London Mayor, could not take a leaf out of the book of Emmanuel Macron. He not only kept demonstrators at bay, but rolled out the red carpet and showed dignity and respect. Something Mr. Khan seems to have not learnt.

Mr. Khan forgets – the U.K. is not just London – why do these ‘elites’ regularly forget that the U.K. includes Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the rest of England! Are we not constantly reminded that the British are a tolerant society? It would appear not. We remain tolerant when it suits.

Sadiq Khan, let’s be honest, a non-entity. A Mayor of London, who does not speak for the whole of London nor more importantly, the whole of the United Kingdom. His employers, the people of several London Boroughs, chose him to represent them as Mayor. They did not give Mr. Khan the right to ‘speak’ for the U.K., nor involve himself as a UK representative in foreign affairs. Khan really should not allow his ‘civil service’ judgment to be influenced by his personal grievances.

This once great country was a tolerant, polite, democratic and just nation – but this land has been infected by these ‘global liberal world order elites’ and the day is coming when we too must ‘drain the swamp’.

What mainstream and critical theories share is a perspective that the liberal world order is being challenged in fundamental ways: first, through a crisis of authority, and second, through ‘the rise of the rest’. Rome Statue – International Criminal Court (Hague)

Perhaps the ‘rise of the rest’ lies with us.