“We understand that Her Majesty is ‘above politics’ and we did not wish to involve the Monarchy, however the actions of her Parliament have caused us to do so. “We present this Petition so that you may be fully informed and advised of the very strong feelings of those who voted in the Referendum to leave the EU.  This gives rise to very important constitutional issues, similar in magnitude to a state of war.”

Enough is Enough.  We have now given you ‘The People’s Voice’.  Let them know, as a Leaver what you want! Sign the Petition.  This has been sent to U.K. Government, Her Majesty, The Queen and Rt. Hon Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the Privy Council.



10 thoughts on “SignOurPetition

  1. We must leave no deal! We have been betrayed by politicians .We were told by pm it was our decision and ours alone .this government are not democratic .they are trying every trick in the book to stop brexit we demand democracy !


  2. I voted to leave; leaving in entirety. I did not want or need to consider a deal. Out on WTO terms on March 29th 2019 that is what I voted for.

    If the EU project was such a success why was a referendum required: because it is not successful.

    Are we ill informed? certainly not, we have had over forty years to mull this over; the decision is properly considered and must be implemented, as it is the law, on 290319 no ifs or buts.


  3. The EU are doing everything they can to keep us in instead of facilitating our departure.Fortunuately for the EU there are many MP’s and even the PM who are doing their best to thwart the Will of the People.Why, when Cameron resigned the day after the Referendum Result, was a Remain MP ( May) voted in as PM?


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