“We understand that Her Majesty is ‘above politics’ and we did not wish to involve the Monarchy, however the actions of her Parliament have caused us to do so. “We present this Petition so that you may be fully informed and advised of the very strong feelings of those who voted in the Referendum to leave the EU.  This gives rise to very important constitutional issues, similar in magnitude to a state of war.”

Enough is Enough.  We have now given you ‘The People’s Voice’.  Let them know, as a Leaver what you want! Sign the Petition.  This has been sent to U.K. Government, Her Majesty, The Queen and Rt. Hon Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the Privy Council.



10 thoughts on “SignOurPetition

  1. Theresa May is John Major with a d**k just as grey uninspiring a** kissing Brussels and Washington as all the Premiers before Her support britishconstitutiongroup.com and populistpartyuk.com


  2. We need to distance ourselves from the EU (who I believe are inward looking and xenophobic) to allow us to trade with, and get closer to, the whole world on our own terms.
    I don’t believe the scare stories of leaving with no deal. We will survive and thrive if left to spread our wings without limits.


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