Here is where your fight begins! If you believe in Democracy and the Constitution, then fight for your Sovereignty.  Sign your name below and it will be added to the Declaration.

Read the Declaration and Authority on which we rely here
then scroll down and leave your full name.

Please ONLY sign ONCE. Thank you

Scroll down, until you see ‘SIGN your name here’ and sign your full name e.g., John Bloggs, within the box and then click post comment. With permission, leave family and friends too. Take a copy of the link in the above top bar, and send in emails to friends and family!

4,527 thoughts on “SIGN THE DECLARATION

  1. fed up of parliament……itv…….promoting one sided propaganda……….IT IS FRANTIC AND DISCUSTING.
    Out means out …….parliament have tied Boris’s arms and legs together in his negotiations!!

    Don’t parliament see that normal people can see exactly what they are doing!!!!……discrace

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  2. If they charge us £4 in tariffs to cross the channel….charge them £10 to come to Britain!!

    we have means and ways to manage all situations

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