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  1. Nothing to add to the initial outlay, except that we must again revert back to being a self contained island.
    Once we are again standing on our own feet, then, and only then, can we re-engage with Europe. I’m also certain that once out of the EU – so as a concept, The Union will collapse.

  2. Alessandra Fletcher We must end our illegal membership of the corrupt EU

  3. we need to make our own laws and be in full control of running our country. What is best for Germany or France etc isn’t necessarily what is best for us. We want to retain our hard won democracy and not give our country away to unelected bureaucrats who will run it to suit their own agenda.

  4. Although we legally left 29th March 2019, you have not acknowledged this, please deliver a clean brexit, no deals, no payouts, just leave swiftly and we can start off the talks with the whole world not just the disaster EU, I no longer acknowledge the EU as the decision makers, once we left in March I already had this clear in my head, we love European Countries and their people, we just don’t want to be European and have European law rule us, we want our Countries identity back, its been lost in red tape. We need to reintroduce UK law as the only law we operate to in this Country and stop the mass invasion of fake refugees, immigration is fine for skilled workers to come and work here and support our Country, but not rob it dry with benefit claims from illegals. Our Country and our people must come first.

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