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  1. Football Brexit! Theresa May to meet with Pep and OGS over Brexit Exit Negotiations.

    With half a team, away from home!! Truly magnificent Tottenham Hotspur. Hearts of lions. Well done Pochettino. Wanyama was a warrior out there. Those 2 Belgians lads at the back as well. Legends. Nice one Sonny.
    Theresa May to meet with Pep and OGS over Brexit Exit Negotiations. OGS and Pep to become her new advisory committee. Theresa May has been trying to exit EUSSR for two years….Manchester has done it in 2 nights – Manchester Utd the first part to leave the EUSSR/Nasty 4th Reich. Quadruple out the window, United were expected to go out, but the oil billionaires thought they were already lifting the trophy.
    The Remoaners want a confirmatory re-match – so no change there!

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