Here is where your fight begins! If you believe in Democracy and the Constitution, then fight for your Sovereignty.  Sign your name below and it will be added to the Declaration.

Read the Declaration and Authority on which we rely here  
then scroll down and leave your full name.  Please only sign ONCE.

Please ONLY sign ONCE. Thank you

Scroll down, until you see ‘Leave your name here’ and sign your full name e.g., John Bloggs. With permission, leave family and friends too. Take a copy of the link in the above top bar, and send in emails to friends and family!

3,828 thoughts on “SIGN THE DECLARATION

  1. ‘Independence in Europe’ is that an oxymoron?
    Shnell, shnell, shnell. Raus, raus, raus.
    James Gerard Monaghan

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  2. In my opinion John Bercow does not represent the position he holds. The speaker of the house shows all the time his shameless Remainer bias, his rudeness, arrogance and bullying. Totally outlived his time and position.

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