Here is where your fight begins! If you believe in Democracy and the Constitution, then fight for your Sovereignty.  Sign your name below and it will be added to the Declaration.

Read the Declaration and Authority on which we rely here  
then scroll down and leave your full name.  Please only sign ONCE.

Please ONLY sign ONCE. Thank you

Scroll down, until you see ‘leave a reply’ and sign your full name e.g., John Bloggs. With permission, leave family and friends too. Take a copy of the link in the above top bar, and send in emails to friends and family!

2,109 thoughts on “SIGN THE DECLARATION”

  1. In 2016 against the advice of ALL the mainstream political parties, and after ALL the mainstream media scaremongering and apocalyptic forecasts based on NO DEAL….WE STILL VOTED LEAVE!

    For the last 2.5 years you have had ONE JOB and you are still kicking the can down the road thinking you can scare us into changing our minds. Your contempt for me and the silent majority makes my blood boil. Better sort it out soon before the silent majority start sharpening their pitchforks.


  2. this is the opportunity to throw out May Hammond & Carney keep Corbyn out of Government He would be a disaster if He were to ever get into Government I would prefer Jacob Rees Mogg Boris or Davis to take over


  3. What’s all this about ‘negotiation’? We voted Leave, end of. Out. Gone. Back to being a sovereign country again.
    The Okey Cokey referendum, that’s what it’s all about! But it shouldn’t be, Wipe the slate clean, No Deal, Tariff-free trade,
    REciprocal tariffs against those who impose tariffs on us. Any Customs Posts would be in the EU, their problem, N.I.sorted.


  4. I voted leave not remain , we won the referendem now I want this Government to deliver on this vote. To do anything else would be treason against the sovereign people of the United Kingdom.


  5. We 17.4 million British people voted to leave the EU in its entirety, David Cameron maintained the referendum was a vote for the people not government, not Parliament, it is the peoples vote, we now demand our vote implemented in full, leave the EU in its ENTIRETY,

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  6. Our politicians took us into this unelected political club and unfortunately we have to rely on them getting us out. This will change UK politics forever !


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