Our legal advisor has taken to sending a letter to The Daily Telegraph.  We are pleased to be able to share this with you.  Please read the letter, which the Prime Minister we assume is aware of, which contains great legal and constitutional importance.



  1. The Prime minister should be able to make the necessary arrangements for our leaving the EU ! I stand firm With Boris and support him in doing the duty voted for by getting us out ! No more colluding with the enemy ! Enoch Powell was so very right ! For over 40 years we have been lied too scrimped and scraped to pay our taxes only to see our hard earned money being squandered by the unelected elite ! Our sovereignty slowly eroded and now they wish to take our identity ! Well …… they can whistle in the Wind ! Boris get us out now !!!!!


  2. Wonderful news, I want out completely. NO deals, especially TMs deal tweaked. 17.4 million cannot be ignored bored. I am with Boris all the way.


  3. Go Go ,Go BORIS Go n tell the EU to their FACE “We ain’t having no EXTENSION No If No Buts We are OUT NO DEAL”
    Do not listen to little pip squeak Bercow tell him to
    Moooooo OFF.


  4. I listened to the Nigel Farrage show on LBC radio where he stated few times that Boris is going back on his word about a no deal brexit, I’m times feel the the same way as Nigel being sceptical about Bojo ‘s true intentions with the EU. For me with this saga of the EU going on I’m in favour of the Canada style of a clean break.

    Andrew Rimmer.


  5. The treasonous scum in Parliament need to be got rid of, Once and for all. If, they stand again for Election chances are they will be bk to cause more treasonous acts against the people of this nation
    Stand Firm Boris,


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