One of the main reasons I voted Brexit was to repatriate back our Sovereignty and Powers and again be in charge of our own Country. The EU had become too large, too powerful, too controlling. After all, it was supposedly meant to be a Common Market?

Knowing your history is invaluable, we learn from history, or should do. What if this had happened during the beginning of WW2, if our country had handed over all our Sovereignty and Powers to Hitler? If that was today, he’d be in charge of our laws, even domestic, he would have control of most of Europe, a well -known figure on the world stage, with control over so many countries, including ours, his own currency, his own army! An EU Referendum would be unthinkable.
That’s exactly, though, what did happen! Our Paliament, past Governments have bit by bit, passed over our laws and sovereignty to the EU. Thank God someone like Hitler is not around.

We may have MEPs, with no real authority, in the EU Parliament, but who controls the Commission, who chooses the Leaders? Certainly not us. What if someone managed to get all the way to the top that had other ideas. This was dangerous. So I was glad when we voted to Leave.

However, it would appear that my fears are becoming reality. The EU have their tentacles in absolutely everything – worldwide.

Martin Selmayr, former Chief of Staff to Mr Juncker (a Civil Servant) was magically installed as Secretary General of the European Commission. No democratic vote. No competition.
He now has sweeping powers over the bloc. He is renowned for being ruthless, authoritarian, manipulative. Allegedly responsible for leaking to the media about Mrs. May and even David Cameron at EU meetings, and wishing to punish the U.K., for Brexit. Just like Olly Robbins, he is fanatical about the ideology of the EU and known as the ‘Monster of Berlaymont’.

I am not suggesting for one minute that Mr. Selmayr is Hitler – but knowing that his grandfather was Lieutenant Colonel of Hitler’s Supreme High Command in WW11 is a little disturbing.  If this man has been able to appoint himself as Secretary General of the European Commission, what is stopping him from going straight to complete control? We must leave, and as soon as possible. If only Mrs. May would stop muddying the waters, and tieing Leaving the EU and a Trade Deal. They are 2 SEPARATE ISSUES and should NOT be combined. We Leave, eradicate every EU law/directive from our books and THEN we can negotiate a Trade Deal.



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