The country needs positivity!  Yes, all governments in these unprecedented times will make mistakes, but now is not the time for captious criticism. 

Hearing the insatiable media and press is like constantly being drip fed by the character Glum in Lilliput, “It’s hopeless. We’re doomed, we’ll never make it!”

We are in the midst of a world-wide, yes world-wide, pandemic and every country is politicising its figures and facts, and every country is making mistakes.

It is both infuriating, nonsensical, and driving me to despair to hear the media and read the gutter press denouncing the Government and the Prime Minister as incompetent and failing in its’ duty at every turn.

China sent this virus out to the world.  Whether this was via a bat or an incident in one of their laboratories is another matter – around 4,000 dead in a country of 1.3 billion?

You just never learn, do you?  You seem to be totally incapable of reading the mood of the country?  This is just like Brexit, all over again.  The leftist-metropolitan media are loving this; even Sky News are revisiting Brexit by showing each MP Profile, during Parliament Questions Live, with a section on the percentage of the Constituency who voted Leave or Remain – Brexit!!it’s done, its over, live with it! – All that is outstanding is trade talks!  Where is the relevance at this time??  Didn’t the NHS stockpile to anticipate a no deal Brexit?


The majority of this country voted for the Conservative Party and they have formed a Government.  Yes, of course, any Government must be held to account – but really; the constant drip, drip, drip of negativity is too much – fix the tap!

The country needs positivity!  Typically British, we have accepted the situation, kept calm, kept our heads down and got on with it!
If you want to blame anyone, then blame every Government in the world.  Scientists, such as Dr. Carroll of the Global Virome Project, who apparently has been “banging on the doors of Governments” for years to warn them to prepare for such a pending pandemic, were not listened to.

Let’s see our media and newspapers supporting their country for a change instead of comparing, complaining and criticising. We are doing far better than some other countries; we don’t have bodies rotting in the streets like Ecuador; food shortages and mile long queues like South Africa; we will make mistakes, we have made mistakes, but criticising at this time helps no one and cannot change the past.  When it’s all over, then we can look back and learn from the mistakes and criticise, but for now, people are tired of turning on the television or picking up the paper to hear constant negativity and criticism.  Give it a rest!

‘The NHS are short of ventilators’ ,  ‘the Government is disorganised.’  ‘Ventilators are not helping’, ‘the Government is incompetent!’

Now it’s PPE!! and care homes!  Were we not advised that the NHS had stock piled in the event of a no deal Brexit?  “……health sector and the industry are prepared and that people’s health will be safeguarded in the event of a no-deal Brexit. This includes the chain of medical supplies, vaccines, medical devices, clinical consumables, blood products.” The Government asked “the department to work up options for stockpiling by industry.”

However, 95% of care homes are independent!  5% are under the NHS but often contracted out to private organisations!  A study by CMA (Competition and Markets Authority)  in 2017 stated that they have found local authority and NHS procurement processes are complex, inflexible, and insufficiently person-centred.

Let’s get some facts right :

  1. The Government raises its money from taxpayers.  It does NOT have its own pot of gold.
  2. The Government distributes the money to different sectors such as the NHS, Education, etc.
  3. An institution, such as the NHS, is run by many, many layers of bureaucracy.  It is up to THAT institution to organise its own budget, its own procurement!

If hospitals are short of PPE, even ventilators, then…….

There are people employed in the NHS on substantial salaries who are responsible for the procurement and managing of the NHS – point your criticism at them.

IT’S THE BOARD OF NHS ENGLAND, at the very least the Procurement Department to whom your criticism should be aimed!  NHS ENGLAND is given a Mandate by the Government under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 at the start of every financial year.  The Secretary of State consults with the Board before specifying any objectives or requirements in the Mandate.  Under its legal requirement, part of the duties of the Board is to obtain advice appropriate for enabling it effectively to discharge its functions……’the protection of improvement of public health’. (Section 13J (b)), among other things.

or is it

NHS Improvement and Public Health England

or is it

Director of Procurement, NHS

or is it

The Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) team of NHS Supply Chain – they ensure that all the products they supply are safe and reflect the needs and preferences of all our NHS partners.  “As the face of health and social care across England changes at pace, underpinned by priorities set out within The NHS Long Term Plan (published January 2019), NHS Supply Chain must continually evolve to meet these changing needs.”

or is it

NHS Supply Chain

or is it

NHS Trusts who are able to procure directly or by using collaboratively “The NHS Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and the Provision of Services” model from the Department of Health & Care.”NHS bodies should consider the Future Operating Model For Value Maximising Procurement (“FOM”).  This (FOM) is the design of a new NHS supply chain service that will deliver improved procurement support to the NHS – collective buying power through this FOM for better deals on products.

or is it

NHS Confederation – a charity who’s “objects are the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of public health.”

or is it

NHS Procurement Policy Manager based in London and to whom all enquiries regarding further information on FOM should be directed.

or is it

Procurement Policy Support
Commercial Directorate
Finance & Group Operations
Department of Health and Social Care,
39 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, SW1H 0EU

or is it

the usual supplier (NHS Supply Chain “PPE supplies have been achieved in addition to normal business as usual deliveries via our usual delivery service operated by Unipart Logistics and through a new dedicated PPE supply channel supported by Clipper Logistics.”

You decide, but for god’s sake, give it a rest and start praising and supporting your Country, your Government, instead of politically cherry picking stories for criticism.

It would make a nice change and you might find it more enjoyable!

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