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'Bollocks to Bercow'

British Public say – “Bollocks to Bercow”

Not only has John Bercow recently alleged to have bullied parliamentary staff but has also brought anger to the British Public.

The List, a group of British Leave voters formed in December, has started an Open Petition to all MPs for a vote of no confidence in the Speaker of the House, John Bercow. By Mr. Bercow stating publicly ‘Bollocks to Brexit’, the leave voters and those now supporting Brexit, would use his own vernacular and say, “Bollocks to Bercow!”, said the group’s founder, Helen Davies.

She went on to say “he has now brought shame on the privileged position and not only does he not carry out his duties, as Speaker of the House, in a decent, diligent manner but by his last action has insulted the majority of Leave voters and those prepared to work towards a positive ‘Brexit’.”

The List believes “the Government and Parliament are not listening to the majority of Leave voters, who won the Referendum in 2016, but some members of Parliament continually think it is perfectly agreeable to continually abuse the British Public with contemptuous and insulting language.

They are asking every British Citizen to sign their Open Petition, which can be found on this link here. So far many have signed and continue to do so, on a daily basis.

The List has started a new campaign which they say affects every British Citizen and is as important as Brexit, if not more so. Their aim is to get their message out to every British Citizen.

Helen Davies, the founder of The List, said “We have drawn up a Declaration which every British Citizen can sign. This Declaration is not only important with regards to Brexit, but is important to future generations – we must make sure this never happens again!” “What if this had happened during the start of WW2? It’s a very frightening thought to think that elected representatives could have given our Sovereignty away to Hitler?

They believe that the U.K. was taken into the EU illegally and unconstitutionally and are therefore prepared to campaign for the insertion of a Declaration into the U.K.’s uncodified Constitution as well, as holding those responsible to account. To view more and sign The Declaration please click on the following link here.

The List ended by stating that “ it is NOT within the gift of the Crown and Parliament to transfer all or any of these powers, so delegated, to a foreign country or entity, and in doing so, externally. They are given this privileged position by the electorate, at time of election, to represent them internally on matters. This is clearly forbidden by the laws of the Constitution.” So therefore, entering the EU without the assent of the Electorate was both illegal and unconstitutional.”

The List recently delivered a Petition to no 10, in March, regarding the Brexit negotiations and pointing out to Mrs. May their reasons for voting Leave, which over 1,200,000 signatures including Dame Joan Collins.



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