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SILENCE IS BROKEN BY LEAVE VOTERS: The silent majority in the Referendum demands that their voice is heard!

Mrs. May ‘snubs’ Petition delivered to No 10 with over one million signatures!

The List, a group of Leave voters, recently delivered a Petition to No 10 personally, to highlight to Mrs May and the Government that they were not carrying out the will of the majority who voted Leave in the Referendum.delivery_door

With over one million signatures, they are calling on the Government to remove the U.K. completely from the political construct of the EU.

Helen Davies, who started the group in December, 2017, said in her covering letter to Mrs May that “We present this Petition to you so that you may be fully informed and advised of the very strong feelings of those who voted in the Referendum to leave the EU. This gives rise to very important constitutional issues, similar in magnitude to a state of war.”

However, yesterday, they received a scanned pdf. reply by email from Steve Baker, MP, Under Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, on behalf of the Prime Minister. The List say that this reply was in the form of the usual rhetoric spin by the Government and did not address their questions nor allay any fears. Read here

The List believe the Government are not listening to the majority of Leave voters, who won the Referendum in 2016, and that Mrs May and her Government are continuing to allow the country to remain as a vassal state.

They believe that past Prime Ministers and Governments, and the current Government, have allowed the United Kingdom’s Sovereignty and Powers to be externally given away. Members of Parliament are chosen by the Electorate to represent them, and decide upon internal matters of state. However, they believe that since the days of Heath, our Sovereignty has slowly been given away externally which is a Breach of our uncodified Constitution. It is at present EU law that is supreme over British common law.

The List has now drawn up a ‘Declaration’ to the Houses of Commons and House of Lords which they believe should now be contained within our uncodified Constitution.
Read here

They believe signing this Declaration and containing it within our uncodified Constitution would remedy the Breach by reclaiming our Sovereignty and powers, in total, and by leaving the EU in its entirety. This Breach was, in the circumstances, tantamount to treason, and those responsible should be held to account. As Helen Davies said, “Whilst this Constitution has been ‘amended’ by Parliament over the years, this is acceptable, in that it is ‘internal’ and the Constitution continues ‘as amended’, but to transfer the Sovereignty or parts thereof to a foreign entity is of a different nature; that is ‘external. What if this had happened in the Second World War? Would our Government have passed over our Sovereignty and Powers to Hitler instead of going to war? This is not only important to every British Citizen but for future generations to come.” Sign the Declaration here.


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