Bercow Petition

The recent slogan displayed by John Bercow, Speaker of the House in his car really is the last straw.  “Bollocks to Brexit”, he displays!

An Open Petition has started and there are currently over 1,200 signatures within the last hour.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and leave your FULL NAME under ‘leave a reply’)


If you are serious about this, please SHARE the Petition, the link is here, copy and paste and send to everyone you know!

On checking the Government Petition web site, this type of Petition will not be allowed, therefore it is left to us to start and present our own!  Please read below our Petition and if you agree, please leave your name! Thanks.  We will then deliver this Petition as well as sending a copy to every MP.


Read in full here

Your name will be added to the Petition and sent to No 10 as well as being sent to all MPs and the media.

Some people may wonder why this Petition wasn’t used by the usual Government Petition site, and here is your answer from their own FAQ.

“Petitions must call for a specific action from the UK Government or the House of Commons.

Petitions must be about something that the Government or the House of Commons is responsible for.

We’ll have to reject your petition if:

It asks for someone to be given a job, or to lose their job. This includes petitions asking for a vote of no confidence in someone and petitions calling for someone to resign.”

And you thought you had democracy!

525 thoughts on “Bercow Petition”

  1. He needs to go… He has even started calling Tommy Robinson names in the house of commons! Like or hate TR, Bercow should be Impartial when in his big high chair!!


    1. If I was Tommy Robinson I’ll be delighted speaker as slagged me off. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Burcow he has to be superior to everyone because he feels so inferior bless his little cotton socks


  2. If this poor excuse for a speaker of the HOC doesn’t get removed then it shows exactly what the government think of democracy


  3. Horrific little man.
    Who does he think he is?
    Get rid ASAP.
    No place for self important bully’s in British politics.


  4. He should be impartial but has shown that he is not ..he must go he is obnoxious and a bully and has shown his true colours P45 should be served to him ..


  5. Trav Yorkshire

    Never impartial, and kept on because if the old boys network. Get him out of that chair!


  6. his comments on Tommy Robinson, were out of order, as were Macdonalds, bercow is the person who deems this kind of language , unparliamentry and demands an instant withdrawal of the comments.


  7. This despicable insignificant little prick has no respect for his fellow human being so why doesn’t he just slip back into the gutter where he would be at home.


  8. This dick needs to go! He’s not for the people, he disrespects our vote and his eyes are shut! Get him out, along with all the other money grabbing bastards and get some people in there that will do the fucking job!!!


  9. This man is self serving and forgets that the UK taxpayer pays him his wages. He is elected to do as he is told. This isn’t the first time this person has been involved in harassment issues and bullying but each and every time it gets covered up by his cronies who support his behaviour then the same supporters stand in parliament and condem other people for the same behaviour. Hypocrisy at its best.


  10. He is not an impartial speaker and had too much to say on issues we need someone impartial he needs to go


  11. Insulting a true Patriot like that does not Deserve to be in such a post ..Should be removed from office..As should the MP he was conversing with..


  12. This arrogant, vertically challenged, snob, needs to go. Too much gravy from the trough has rotted his brain. He has forgotten who he is there to serve and is not fit for purpose.


  13. This man is not suitable to the position he holds . He has let all know he is not neutral , he has bias , so cannot possibly hold a deciding vote .


  14. the government are running anti bullying campaigns and yet this man is an arrogant bully his position is untenable now


  15. You set the worst example to our country ,how dare you assume TOMMY is wrong ,he made all mothers aware of what was ,and could be happening to their white daughters ,while you mr bercow sit back making such vile remarks why ? Are you one of those nasty males who help cover the abuse ,drugging ,selling of children for sex ,or are you friends with such degrading men of Asian Pakistan musilm culture ,so you agree with what they do ,no wonder your wife found someone more of a man than you shame she came back to you


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