ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  This man has not only brought the position of Speaker of the House into disrepute but blatantly shown that he is not impartial and in fact, favours the side of the House that is for Remain.

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee and House of Commons,  as well as Dame Eleanor Laing, MP and Sir Bernard Jenkins have been sent a link to this Petition as well as other prominent MPs and Government Ministers.

He recently said ‘I am not in the business of invoking precedent, nor am I under any obligation to do so,’ he said. ‘If we were guided only by precedent, nothing would ever change.’  Tell that to Bernard Jenkins MP. Yet two months later, when it suited him, Bercow turned into a great stickler for precedent.

Bercow was acting clearly in the interests of those who are trying to thwart Brexit. His bias shown several times, in his choice of which amendments. In March, he selected two motions which would have allowed MPs to seize control of the business of the House of Commons away from the government. He blocked, on the other hand, a motion which would have allowed MPs to rule out a second referendum on Brexit.

He is not only has brought the position into disrepute but actively promotes one side only in the House, the side of the Remain MPs.  He is odious to the nation and MUST GO NOW!  

This petition is now updated to show the last few days of treachery.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and leave your FULL NAME under ‘Sign your name here’)


If you are serious about this, please SHARE the Petition, the link is here, copy and paste and send to everyone you know!



Read in full HERE

Your name will be added to the Petition and sent to relevant people and organisations within the Government and Parliament as well as being sent to MPs and the media.

Some people may wonder why this Petition wasn’t used by the usual Government Petition site, and here is your answer from their own FAQ.  “Petitions must call for a specific action from the UK Government or the House of Commons.  Petitions must be about something that the Government or the House of Commons is responsible for.  We’ll have to reject your petition if:

It asks for someone to be given a job, or to lose their job. This includes petitions asking for a vote of no confidence in someone and petitions calling for someone to resign.”

And you thought you had democracy!




4,071 thoughts on “Bercow Petition

  1. Odious devious little man, time he was gone, he has bought the position of speaker into disrepute.


  2. the little pip squeak, all the MPs licking his backside in parliament yesterday made me vomit. just goes to show what a pussy club parliament is ( ( and expensive ) watching him squirm in his seat was painful. him + clarke blowing kisses to each other ( your lovely, your lovely too. but not as lovely as me ) for god sake close it down.


  3. I’m ashamed that our British Politicians, who were the best in the world, have been brought into disrepute because of glory finding self important people who were intent on thwarting the will of the people because it did not suit their own personal gains!! This is relevant to third world countries who know no better but Great Britain? Really? This man in particular has been blatantly flaunting his so called superiority by doing this country the greatest disservice of all, ignoring the will of the people!!!! His bias is obvious and he made no effort to conceal it. He is an abomination to our great reputation and needs removing from office with NO FURTHER remuneration or Knighthood. A position which must be earned, and he definitely has not done that. He must not be allowed to follow up his stage antics in the House of Lords, bring them into disrepute like he has done with the Commons!!!jacky.p@live.co.uk


  4. Bercow has proven he is extremely biased in favour of NOT honouring the MAJORITY vote and he is extremely UNdemocratic. As a speaker we are ashamed of him and his despicable attitude to this country. He has encouraged us to hate politicians


  5. Bercow is clearly NOT impartial and not interested in Britain or it’s people. He has made us Distrust parliament and politicians. It is very suspicious how he THE TRAITOR has kept his job


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