Bercow Petition

The recent slogan displayed by John Bercow, Speaker of the House in his car really is the last straw.  “Bollocks to Brexit”, he displays!

An Open Petition has started and there are currently over 1,200 signatures within the last hour.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and leave your FULL NAME under ‘leave a reply’)


If you are serious about this, please SHARE the Petition, the link is here, copy and paste and send to everyone you know!

On checking the Government Petition web site, this type of Petition will not be allowed, therefore it is left to us to start and present our own!  Please read below our Petition and if you agree, please leave your name! Thanks.  We will then deliver this Petition as well as sending a copy to every MP.


Read in full here

Your name will be added to the Petition and sent to No 10 as well as being sent to all MPs and the media.

Some people may wonder why this Petition wasn’t used by the usual Government Petition site, and here is your answer from their own FAQ.

“Petitions must call for a specific action from the UK Government or the House of Commons.

Petitions must be about something that the Government or the House of Commons is responsible for.

We’ll have to reject your petition if:

It asks for someone to be given a job, or to lose their job. This includes petitions asking for a vote of no confidence in someone and petitions calling for someone to resign.”

And you thought you had democracy!

335 thoughts on “Bercow Petition”

  1. Mel Leonis – It is quite obvious the government does not work for the people but for their own interest.


  2. Hopefully they will remove him from his post, as he is unfit to be the speaker of the house. Someone in my mind who should NEVER have been given that post.


  3. It should be B……….cks to Bercow, jumped up twit! Why is it so many small men have to strut around like’ Banty cocks’
    puffing their chests and being totally obnoxious?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The man has dishonoured and disgraced the great post of The Speaker on many occasions, presumably to stroke his own ego. He is now breaking his own word regarding the length of his term. He needs to go.

    Liked by 1 person

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