LordLieutenant Letter

Dear Lord Lieutenant,

As Her Majesty’s representative in the County, I wish you to be fully informed and advised of the very strong feelings of many people in this County; those who voted in the Referendum to leave the EU.

I do not call upon you lightly, but have been compelled to do so due to the actions and behaviour of Her Majesty’s Ministers in Parliament.

Parliament is Servant to the People yet they are going against the will of the Electorate.

Members of Parliament have allowed their own self-interest to take precedence over the wishes of the electorate and by doing so our democracy, our Monarchy, our Constitution,the absolute framework of our country is at serious risk of being destroyed.

This is NOT a political issue but gives rise to very important constitutional and democratic issues, similar in magnitude to a state of war. I cannot emphasise enough the anger of the People as they now believe they have ‘elected a dictatorship’.

Albeit Her Majesty, The Queen no longer has a political or executive role, she continues to play an important part in the life of the nation. The People look to the Monarch, not only as the Head of State but as their Queen, their focus of national identity, unity, and with a constitutional responsibility for stability to whom her loyal subjects may turn to in times of trouble.

Although people respect Her Majesty’s position with regards to the process of Parliament and politics per se, they do believe that at this time of immense turmoil and danger, their Monarch would undertake her representational duty, on behalf of them, and advise her Ministers accordingly.

As you are no doubt well aware, there rests three main constitutional prerogatives, that is, the discretionary powers which remain in the Sovereign.  These include: the right to appoint a Prime Minister and other Ministers; the right to advise; the right to encourage and to warn ministers and to assent to legislation.

We therefore are asking the Queen-in-Parliament to warn all her ministers that her people believe :

  1. Parliament, those in temporary office, seeks to traduce our Monarch’s oath. Our Government and Parliament are rushing to involve the separation of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom.  This is, not only illegal under constitutional law, but would revoke part of our Queen’s Coronation Oath that she solemnly vowed to all of us.
  2. This Parliament created the Fixed Parliament Act 2011 creating a five year period of Government and thereby removing the prerogative power of the Queen to dissolve Parliament.  We believe this too is constitutionally illegal and has allowed corruption of our democratic process.  We believe that if this Act is not revoked, it is possible for Parliament to change the fixed period to 20 years, 50 years, forever, creating the danger of dictatorship in our Country. The people did not give their Consent to this change to their uncodified Constitution.
  3. At the time of election, the Electorate delegate to the Crown and Parliament sovereign powers to enable them to administer the affairs of the state internally. However, it is NOT within the gift of the Crown and Parliament to transfer all or any of those powers, so delegated, to a foreign country or entity and in doing so, externally. This is clearly forbidden by the laws of the Constitution. However, exactly this happened, without the Consent of the Electorate, by Governments signing treaties and handing over powers and sovereignty to the EU.
  4. The People were asked whether they wished to Remain or Leave the EU. They chose Leave. At no time, was the Referendum choice dependent upon a Trade Deal.
  5. This Parliament seeks to thwart the result of the democratic result of the referendum delivered by the People of the United Kingdom. This is not only unconstitutional but undemocratic.
  6. The People ask that Her Majesty, The Queen as Queen-in-Parliament DOES NOT formally agree to any Royal Assent being given to any Act that would extend, revoke, stop, or hinder the process of Article 50 nor the process of leaving the European Union entirely as agreed by 17.4m of the People in the 2016 EU Referendum. No Royal Assent to be formally agreed to any Act of Parliament that would allow a NO DEAL to be withdrawn from the negotiation table; nor any Act that would combine leaving the European Union with that of a trade negotiation or trade deal being agreed and that the official date of 29th March, 2019 remains.

Her Parliament has betrayed the trust of the People and the democratic process.

I would be grateful therefore if you would advise Her Majesty of the contents of this letter and that I fear for future public unrest should her Parliament insist on continuing on this undemocratic and unconstitutional path.

Yours sincerely,





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