On 19th March, 2018 at 2pm, representatives of The List, delivered the Petition to no 10.

This Petition stood at 1,224,110 signatures! We also put the Petition together with a covering letter into an envelope especially for the attention of Mrs. May. You can read that letter here.


Read in full here


1,330 thoughts on “Join The List-Petition to No10

  1. Too many times this man and many like him have aired their personal views in the houses of parliament. Acting unprofessional and undemocratic. This is disgraceful behaviour of berscow, especially. As he is supposed to be neutral within the house of commons, isn’t he? Displaying a sticker on his very expensive gas guzzling range rover, which reads ” bollox to brexit” surely sets an extremely poor example for someone who represents Her Majesties parliament. Its time that ALL representatives of the two houses of parliament. Start to respect this country, its democratic decision to leave the EU and the job our votes have given to them. Since the referendum the majority voters have suffered 21 months of insults, abuse, political sabotage of our choice to leave the EU. Mrs. May needs to start to punish all these mps and spokespersons for using their elected positions and privileges to insult the UK people. Our tolerance is wearing extremely thin with disrespectful politicians and political figureheads acting so mutinous.

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  2. On Mon, 19 Mar 2018 at 09:47, The Silent Majority – The List wrote:

    > Ray Branch commented: “His attitude and actions are unacceptable!” >

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  3. I have absolutely no confidence or trust in the government to deliver BREXIT , having been a TORY voter for over 50yrs . I am fed up with them telling us that we didn’t know what we were voting for . YES I DID . LEAVE COMPLETELY END OF . How come we had the majority to LEAVE , yet we end up with a dyed in the wool REMAIN PM . This PM then went on to select from all the MP’s in her party , a 90% majority REMAIN cabinet ? There are plenty of true LEAVE MP’s within the party to form a cabinet to deliver what we voted for. A TOTAL BETRAYAL OF THE PEOPLE

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