Join The List – Sign Your Name

Join The List, currently standing at over 1 MILLION supporters and Dame Joan Collins!
But we need to get as many of the 17.4 million or so that voted LEAVE.

We are now going to deliver our Petition – THE PEOPLE’S PETITION on Monday, 19th March, 2018 at 2.00 p.m.  There is still time to add your name and location, and add your family and friends too, with their permission! (Please note this was going to be on Monday 5th March, 2018 but had to be reorganised due to weather conditions)

Scroll down the page to the bottom, and please leave your name and location i.e., Joe Blogs, Cornwall. Thank you for your support.


If you want to see the Petition Letter for which you are signing, here it is:


Read in full here

Your name will be used as a cosignatory to our Petition Letter and hand delivered to No 10 therefore giving us media exposure and allowing us to tell everyone what we mean when we say LEAVE!

Want to attend demos/marches? Want to keep in touch? See here

Not on Facebook, but would like to be on The List via email? Click here

If you have signed your name to The List on Facebook, please do not sign again, thanks.

The List is us, the British People.  We ARE NOT affiliated with any political group and only have the support of British Leave voters and Facebook Independent Brexit Groups.
All who come from every corner of the United Kingdom and united, just as you have by signing below. We thank you!

Please leave your name and area below in the comments section (scroll down to the bottom)  i.e., C.Clarke,London, as well as any comment! Thank you for your support!


55 thoughts on “Join The List – Sign Your Name”

  1. This so-called Government has done nothing since , the Leave vote was cast . This Government has never acted for the people, only it’s own values. We, the people will not be governed by a unelected body of the EU. Therefore, no money shall be passed to the said party. And the problem of the English law be put back to the British people and not bigots who class themselves above the law.

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  2. The EU should have NO control over the UK whatsoever after March 2019. no transition period, no ECJ, no open borders, no customs union….nothing! If the establishment ignore this vote and all it means, in it’s entirety, then I would say Civil war will be well underway before the ink has dried. We will not be dictated to by EU puppets, foreign or domestic. This is supposed to be a Democratic Country, we know what we voted for and we all had good reason for voting that way, defy us at your peril.

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  3. I want OUT 100%. No transition, no custom union, no nothing. OUT. The people voted. Why are we not OUT? We have wasted so much time. Please add me and my husband and friend to your list. Ann Demaret Dominique Demaret Emma Bryce Smith Thank you, Also, please keep me informed of any marches, rallies anything to get this achieved.

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  4. Unequivocally out of the EU now, including the Customs Union, Single Market and ECJ. Nothing less, leave means leave!


  5. I knew what i voted for as i researched the pros and cons of the eu and the eu is an undemocratic ponzi scheme against all its countries

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  6. Add me to the list please.
    S. Nicholson
    East Riding of Yorkshire
    I voted to leave the EU and expect my vote to be respected by all politicians, not ignored, attacked or denigrated

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  7. I voted leave after viewing all the factual items about the EU. I found nothing that looked sensible to make it worth retaining our membership.

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  8. I voted out. Completely out. Not a watered down version of out. Please add me to the list. Elizabeth Barley, Mildenhall Suffolk

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      1. wife and myself voted out in the early seventies and more so now . put our names down REALLY OUT CAMPAIGN. MR.G. FOSTER AND MRS C.FOSTER


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