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11th November, 2019


The Right Hon Mr B Johnson,
Prime Minister,
10 Downing Street,

Dear Prime Minister,

The List-Brexit represents many thousands of members who voted Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum and also some that voted Remain, but believe in democracy and respect the result.

You have now called a General Election and albeit we appreciate the reasons for this, we feel it is of the utmost importance that you should be made aware of the feelings of most Brexit voters.

Depending on what ‘Brexit’ means to you, some will see your current ‘Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration’ as an acceptable version of Brexit; some will see it as not going far enough.  However, it would appear that the Withdrawal Agreement mainly agrees terms during the ‘transition period’ which is stated as ending 31st December, 2020.

The Political Declaration is only a document of intent.  It only states principles.  For example, during the transition period, the EU will still be in charge of ‘relative stability’ key (percentage of sharing out of fishing quotas to each EU country).  Nothing has been agreed so far, for the future.

In 2016, you asked the People what do you want to do – we said LEAVE.  The last three and a half years, the majority of the electorate, who voted leave, have stood by and watched this Country slowly lose its democracy and they have been insulted at every possible turn.  Parliament must stop taking us for fools.  This General Election serves to be yet another vote for Brexit, and we will NOT allow the democratic result to be thwarted or challenged any more.  We voted to LEAVE the political construct that is the EU, nearly 4 years ago – to leave entirely, both politically and legally.

A majority of the Electorate now hold little, if any, respect or trust in Parliament, and we implore you to set aside egos and party politics and LISTEN to the People!  Politics needs to change.  Even the media needs to change.

Your present Political Declaration, in general, stands well for continued talks with the European Union but we do not believe the Conservative Party has truly thought things through.

If you and your advisors believe that every Brexiteer will vote Conservative, you are very mistaken.

General Labour Brexiteers will NOT vote Conservative.  There are also many floating electorate and some, believe it or not, Liberals who voted Leave.  There are many Conservatives who, due to the treacherous and undemocratic behaviour over the past three and a half years in Parliament, have withdrawn their allegiance.

These people do have a choice.  These people, for their Brexit, will vote for the Brexit Party.  As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – please support and respect their choice!

You took over as Prime Minister from Mrs. May who, by the skin of her teeth, won the 2017 General Election.  This was mainly because of Brexit.  I know Labour supporters who gritted their teeth and voted Conservative, purely because of Brexit, as at that time, they had no other choice.  Thanks to the damage done to the Conservative Party, by Mrs. May, they will NOT do this again; now they have a choice – the Brexit Party.  The Conservatives were prepared to side with the DUP for the sake of a majority in Parliament – would you not side with the people for the sake of Brexit?

Do you want to lead the Country or just Conservative voters?  Then may I, respectfully, ask that you meet with the Brexit Party, Mr. Tice and Mr. Farage, with a view to arranging an ‘alliance’ and show your support for those Brexit voters?

If it was not for Mr. Nigel Farage, we would not be here today. Mr. Cummings may have taken the decision to push Mr. Farage to the side in the belief Leave could win without him, but it was BECAUSE of him that Leave won.  I have come to respect the man and see that he is a man of principle. Most MPs in Parliament would do well to take a leaf out of his book.  He has never changed his course, and has fought many years for this Country’s freedom.  He should be applauded not ridiculed.  He has an uncanny knack of being able to connect with the electorate and get his message across.  This is about OUR BREXIT, our time to be honoured with our democratic win – not a time for party politics or egos.  A good Leader holds an amount of humility.

Remain MPs are again trying to remove a democratic result and stop Brexit and an alliance has been made between the Liberals (who can no longer use ‘democrats’ as this is now proved false and is misleading), the Greens and Plaid Cymru.  Even Labour has now admitted to siding with the SNP.

You are an intelligent man; I do not for one minute believe you can be foolish.  If you do not make some sort of ‘alliance’ with the Brexit Party, in order to help those voters in areas where the Conservative Party will not win, then we will lose Brexit and the majority of the People will never forgive you.    You may win the General Election, but by the end of five years, the Conservative Party will no longer exist – the people never forget.

This country needs to heal; to be a proud, self-governing nation.  It needs a Leader.

  • A Leader who will be Statesman of International renown.
  • A Leader who will tower above all his contemporaries.
  • A Leader victorious to the British nation.
  • A Leader who led them to a true Brexit, not afraid to forgo party politics.
  • A Man of the People. A Man of Principle.  A Man with Moral Fibre. Democratic with honesty, humility, integrity, compassion that will be courageous for the People and Country and do whatever is necessary.

Listen to the People – for your power comes from the ballot box.  It should be used wisely and a vote for a pro-Brexit party should not be ignored.  For the sake of Brexit, we cannot allow the vote to be split, and therefore we implore you to speak with the Brexit Party.

In the recent film, The Darkest Hour, Churchill was portrayed as consulting ‘the people’ about their intentions regarding negotiating a surrender or continuing the fight. They encouraged him not to surrender. His decision was informed by that consultation rather than the argument and pleading of Ministers and Civil Service advisors.  Churchill was hailed as a ‘Statesman’.

You took the reins and stood tall for the Leave Campaign.  You sided with us in our campaign, and together we won.  Where are you now?

We need to know you are listening.  We need to know you understand.  We need to know that you support and respect every Brexit vote.  We need to know that you have heard our voice.

Please therefore visit our web page where this letter will be placed for other Brexit voters to post messages to you in support of this letter. (

Listen to the People – those who stood with you, side by side, for Brexit and please tell us that you will respect every vote and alliance all Brexit parties just as Remain are doing in order to thwart our democracy.

Since writing this letter, Nigel Farage has confirmed that some members of the Brexit Party will stand down.  A sensible person can see this is for the sake of the Country.  He seems to hold no grudge against the fact that he was pushed aside, by your advisors, during the Referendum Campaign and has, no less, offered an olive branch of alliance to you.  Please reciprocate, for the sake of those in non-Conservative voting areas, and respect their Brexit vote, just as Remain are doing in order to thwart democracy.

Yours sincerely,


Helen Davies
The List – Brexit

cc: Mr. R. Tice, Brexit Party, Mr. N. Farage, Brexit Party, Mr. D. Cummings No 10.


  1. NIGEL has always been there for us. Through thick and thin. Without him there would be no Brexit.

  2. Nigel is consistent and honest and loves this country. It makes sense to every leave voter that there should be a truly meaningful Brexit Party-Tory Alliance, but a fair and decent alliance, especially in those seats the conservatives have never won in their lives and are never going to win.

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