Groups Alliance With The List

The List also contains many independent Facebook Brexit Groups, listed below, and many thousands of individual supporters who have all united as one, LEAVE VOTERS and are determined to get a FULL BREXIT.

Thank you to the following groups who believe in democracy and unity.


Act Britain
Action for Brexit
Brexit and Trump 2017
Brexit Central Hub
Brexit Crusade
Breaking Brexit News
Brexit : Goodbye EU, Hello World
Brexit 4Ever
Brexit HQ
Brexit Means Brexit
Brexit Means Brexit Positively Moving forward
Brexit Means Brexit Its time to deliver
Brexit Peaceful But Loud and Proud Campaigning
Brexit: The People have spoken
Brexit : The People’s Choice
Brit Girl
Britons for Brexit
British and Proud Fun and Politics
British Media Force
British National Unity
Broken Britain – Goodbye to the Eu
Concerned for the UK
Come back please Nigel
Current Affairs Group
Daily Brexit and the betrayal
Engage Political Party
Friends Who like UKIP TV Referendum Channel
Front Line Britain
Front Line Politics
Front Line Politics GB
Get Britain Out
Goodbye EU
HearHear News
June Slater and Followers
Liberty for Britain
Middleton Vote Leave
Nigel Farage & Brexit Supporters
Operation Beacon
Patriots Army
Patriotic Brexit Watch
Pro Great Britain
Positive Democracy
Pro Great Britain Page
Proud Brexiteers Against Political Correctness
Putting the Great Back into Britain
Reclaiming Sovereignty
Relinquo EU
Rise of UKIP
Rolling Thunder
Standing for Britain
The Brexit News
The Jacob Rees Mogg Appreciation
The People’s Voice
The Political Bearpit
The Realist People Movement
The Sceptred Isle
The Silent Majority
Theresa May Must Go Now
UKIP 2022 is our Time
UKIP Independence Party
UKIP People’s Forum
UKIP presenting Nigel Farage & UKIP
UKIP TV Channel
UKIP TV Channel Group
UKIP Think Tank
Unity in Action, Winston McKenzie
Unreported Migrant News
Veterans for Freedom
Warrior HQ
We Love our Country, Vote Leave
We want a hard Brexit
Woking Vote Leave.Eu
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