Fight for Sovereignty

….sovereignty resides in the body of the nation and belongs to the people.  It is delegated and divided into the legislative, the executive and the judiciary to REPRESENT INTERNALLY not EXTERNALLY to give away!  Currently, the EU has supreme law over this land……………so where is Parliamentary Sovereignty?

“Democracy – from the greek for the ‘rule of the people’; ‘rule of the majority’.
Demos meaning ‘the people’; kratos meaning ‘power’.
Democracy = “Power to the People.”

The List is campaigning and fighting to have a Declaration (read here), signed by hundreds of thousands of British Citizens inserted into our uncodified Constitution.  The EU currently has supreme law over the United Kingdom.  So it begs the question, where is this Parliamentary Sovereignty MPs and Parliament so often speak about?

The people have supreme Sovereignty and delegates to the Crown and Parliament sovereign powers at times of election to administer affairs INTERNALLY.  It is NOT the gift of the Crown and Parliament to transfer all or any of those powers, so delegated, to a foreign country or entity, and in doing so EXTERNALLY.  This is clearly forbidden by the laws of our uncodified Constitution.  Parliament is there to serve the People, not the other way around!

We intend to fight to have all Sovereignty and Powers repatriated back to this Country and in doing so, leave the EU in its entirety.  By Parliament, giving away Sovereignty over the years, piece by piece, without the clear assent of the Electorate is both unconstitutional and illegal.  If those sovereign powers, in part or in whole, are not repatriated to the United Kingdom, then those responsible should be held accountable as being party to a breach .  We will also fight to have those all responsible held to account. But our Voice cannot be heard unless you support us and help in making this Campaign the biggest in British History – This Is For the People, By The People!

How can you help? Just by signing your name to a Declaration here. Then spreading the word far and wide.  We are relying on you to spread the word, then The List can have the support of hundreds and thousands of British Citizens and a Declaration will truly be from The People.

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