It is obviously plain and simple – we leave the EU on 29th March, 2019 in its entirety and a Trade Deal is negotiated separately. This Government is purposely muddying the waters by combining two separate issues; making it abundantly clear, that in truth, this Government has no intention of leaving the EU which will not only be unconstitutional but undemocratic.

It’s simple : –

  1. Leave the EU in its entirety on 29th March, 2019.
  2. Attempt to negotiate a free Trade Deal
  3. Do Not Combine the Two

17.4 million Voters, a majority of the Electorate gave a resounding LEAVE in the EU Referendum. Mrs May reaffirmed in her Lancaster Speech, of which she constantly reminds us, ‘I am equally clear that no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain’ (read in full here). What she has so far drafted, is nothing short of staying in the EU.

But there is an elephant in the room.

So who is running the Country? Who is calling the shots? Who is actually running the show?  Enter one Olly Robbins and his gang! There have been many media reports on Olly Robbins; just recently it was stated online “cabinet Leavers like David Davis and Boris Johnson have very little to do with shaping Brexit. That job belongs to Olly Robbins” (The New Statesman).

In March this year, The Sun newspaper, reported on the ‘KitKat Affair’ – the bombshell tapes that revealed Whitehall Officials compared Brexit to a Kitkat with chocolate layer hiding the UK ties to Brussels. At a secret meeting in London, they revealed in secret that they intended to ‘commit taxpayer’s money to propping up EU defence and foreign policies.’ Ambassadors and Officials from other European countries met with them to discuss post-exit plans and were being provided with a vast amount of detail about the UK’s post-Brexit plan prior to any democratically elected MP being informed (read in full here) .

Victoria Billing, Senior Brexit Department Official, is reported to have said: “On our side, on foreign policy and defence, we are actually looking for something which I normally call a patchwork but someone yesterday called a Kit-Kat which I rather liked, where you have the cover of, you have the kind of political framework cover and underneath you have a series of different agreements.”

Alastair Brockbank (Cabinet Office Security Advisor) and who works for Olly Robbins said “Britain stood ready to continue paying significant contributions to controversial common EU defence and foreign policy projects”. He even boasted that it was Civil Servants who are ‘negotiating the detail at the same time.

The Electorate, at every General Election, vote for their MP from a political party to represent them in Parliament and the same is true of the Referendum, albeit some MPs are not representing the majority of their constituents regarding the EU Referendum, naming no names, Anna Soubry et al.

So who is Olly Robbins, and why does he and others have so much power? Simple answer is they should not have any power. They are servants; servants to the political party in power and nothing more. Neither should they be political, but its exactly that which they have become. They are not elected by the Sovereign Electorate nor given any mandate by the Crown. Apparently this is a man who, whilst at Oxford, was President of the Oxford Reform Club, where in the Club’s ‘Progressive Thinker’ pamphlet, The Reform Club stated ‘we believe firmly that Britain’s future lies in Europe, and that we must be at the centre of the European Union’s development.’ An article entitled “Revolving Again” written by Robbins, was not so much a progressive thinker’s thoughts, but more of a history lesson, but more worryingly is why Robbins would think that one of Russia’s achievements was as a world power and one their people could be proud of; yet Robbins wants to allow his Country to be subservient to an undemocratic, almost Communistic controlling EU state. Is Robbins secretly a Communist himself? As we all know in our history, it is the people under these ‘powers’ that suffer, that become enslaved. It is said that the partnership idea contained in the White Paper is an idea being pushed by Olly Robbins, as a way of breaking the deadlock over the question of the Irish border, but is it? One Tory Brexiteer, who also went to Oxford, said on Newsnight, “They’re all Commie geographers”.

But it isn’t just Mr. Robbins. He takes his instructions from Mrs. May and this was confirmed to Jacob Rees Mogg. Even as recently as a couple of weeks ago, Mrs. May’s ‘team’ left business cards for taxi firms in the foyer, for any Cabinet Member thinking of resigning over, what has become known now as, the changed ‘White paper’, leaving them to telephone for their own transport home and have the humility of walking down the mile long drive at Chequers. How petty and juvenile! How unfitting of a Prime Minister to allow this kind of behaviour. For a Prime Minister, to nominate a Minister to be specifically in charge of leaving the EU and then surreptitiously announce a ‘White Paper’ (written by Olly Robbins) is no more than contemptible behaviour unfitting of a Prime Minister. Today we learn, again, she has side-lined the newly appointed Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab. If this Minister had any principles, he too would resign.

The People do NOT vote for Civil Servants – as to their job, the clue is in the name! It is the job of the Civil Servant to implement the policies chosen by the political party which was democratically elected by the People, and not their own agendas. Simply – they are servants, not Masters! Mrs. May is in charge. Mrs. May gives instructions. Mrs. May has to take the blame. She consistently refers to her “Lancaster Speech” wherein she stated ‘I am equally clear that no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain.’ (read in full). Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, the media nauseously feed out on an almost daily basis. There is no such thing. You cannot be half pregnant! To coin the new buzz word, ‘fake news’ – this is more likely ‘fake Brexit’.

So The List believes that Mrs. May should stand aside and allow a Leave campaigning MP to take charge not only of the Conservative Party but as Prime Minister – in the same manner David Cameron stepped aside, as long as the Conservative Party have their Candidate ready, this really shouldn’t take time at all. We may vote for a political party and not a leader, but the Conservative Party is letting the voters down in their choice of Leader.

We also ask in our Petition for Olly Robbins and his team to be replaced. If the Civil Servants are incapable of taking instructions from the Government regarding Brexit, then perhaps the Government needs to look outside and outsource the job.

The List believes the buck stops at the top. Mrs. May has brought the office of Prime Minister into disrepute not only by her actions, but trying to deceive the Electorate, who most of Parliament seem to take as fools #timetogo.


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  1. TM was never really ‘up to the job’ but she had experienced MPs who were pro Brexit, and would have delivered a deal ‘better for the uk!’ Clearly that didn’t fit in with her plans so she sidelined them, resulting in several who held the post, resigning! Letting Oliver Robbins ‘call the shots’ was never going to be pro uk as he is a lifelong federalist! It’s disgusting a deal as it seeks to bind us us even closer to the EU, something we voted to Leave! We need to leave without a deal, backstop or no backstop – again invented by Robbins in cahoots with TM. How could she even think of stitching up her own country let alone 17.4 million voters? Out 29 March, no deal!

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