Dear Friends

We all have our separate groups but we are all aiming for the same end.

Brexit delivered. A Clean, Changed, New Parliament

The List-Brexit is being very pro-active and has, as you may know, just brought out a Declaration to Parliament – The Voice of the People.  It is imperative that people sign this because by showing millions of names to the Declaration, then Parliament, Government, media will see that we have come together as a force and are united in our goal which is to deliver Brexit and to clean up our corrupted Parliament, AND take us seriously. Parliament has to change!  Brexit needs to happen.  This is done to us, not M.P.s or political parties who have their own agenda.  The People MUST have their voice heard!

We are very quickly losing our democracy and its up to us to fight.  M.Ps. seem to be under the impression that they are some sort of special elite, are above the electorate to whom are seen, by the M.Ps, are nothing more than meaningless minions.

Our aim is to get as many names signed up to the Declaration in order that we may show Parliament that the majority of the electorate not only believe in Brexit, a full Brexit, but also are standing up for Democracy and mean business.

So we are asking you – will you come together with us?  Not only asking your members to sign our Declaration, but Admins. join us here?

We are proposing to ask you for a contact email address wherein we can share with you, off Facebook and away from prying eyes, any ideas or information we have that we can share with you, such as this Declaration or marches, court proceedings etc.

“United they stand, divided they fall.”

So if you are interested, please click here and send us your details, then with your permission, we will send out a ‘group email’ to all that have signed up so that we can share our ideas, and come together.  This will only be for Admin of a group.   The link to this page is not available via our web site so only those sent it, can see it.

Please join us now here and together we can be a force to be reckoned with!



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