Democracy is Dying

The enemy lies within!

Our democracy, the foundation of our Constitution, our Country is under attack!

The United Kingdom was always a democratic country. A country built on morals, integrity, honesty and fairness. However, it would appear that many British Citizens, mainly within Parliament, or previously in Parliament, wish to halt the democratic vote in the 2016 EU Referendum and in doing so, bring an end to a once proud democratic country.

The self-styled ‘elites’; for whom it is a privilege to serve the people, their country, have become the instigators; the perpetrators of the destruction of our Sovereignty, our Democracy. It doesn’t matter whether you voted Leave or Remain, surely you can comprehend the harm that they are causing to our Country?

The majority voted to Leave the EU yet they violate the democratic result.  They are traitors to their Country and Democracy by their egotistical, devil-take-the-hindmost individualism.

The official Remain campaign accused the Russians of secretly backing a leave vote; even Philip Hammond, the former Secretary for Defence and Foreign Secretary (later the Chancellor of the Exchequer) said at a speech in 2016, “the only country who would like us to leave the EU is Russia”; even MP Ben Bradshaw claimed in Parliament that Russia had interfered in the Brexit Referendum.

But the enemy lies within ……………………..

Anna Soubry, Conservative MP co-chairs an All Party Parliamentary Group with Chuka Umunna, Labour MP and their intent – to bring down the Government! This not only will be extremely dangerous for democracy but would open up the United Kingdom to Communism! The group consists also of : Jonathan Edwards, Plaid Crymru, Stephen Gethins, Scottish National Party, Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat, Caroline Lucas, Green Party, Baroness Altmann, Conservative, Lord Adonis, Labour, Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, Crossbench, Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted, Lib Dem (EU Pension),Lord Wigley, Plaid Cymru.

Who has helped fund this All Party Parliamentary Group? The answer is Best for Britain, Open Britain and European Movement.  Anna Soubry doesn’t mind bringing down her own Party?  Where are the electorate of Broxtowe?  If anything needs bringing down, its these traitors!  We must NOT allow these paid, self-serving, MPs thwart the democratic vote of the People! Join us now!

As reported in the Guardian “Now for the first time, these groups have joined together under the “Grassroots Coordination Group (GCG)” which is chaired by Labour MP Chuka Umunna and championed by Conservative MP Anna Soubry, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas, and Jo Swinson, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats.” “The energy and the passion are absolutely on the side of the people who want to see Britain’s future inside the European Union,” said Jo Swinson.

Energy and Passion?? Makes a whole lot of difference when you have a multi-billionaire non British citizen financing you? But money should not be the reason we lose democracy. I implore you to read on in more detail below, and then click here and join The List. The List is proposing to contact and ‘join forces’ with LeavemeansLeave – and the People will have a voice! There is no other way but ‘safety in numbers’. So if you care for your country, Brexit and Democracy, please sign up today!

How can the electorate of Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, the majority of which voted Leave, continue to put up with this woman! Surely this now calls for a Petition to be raised under The Recall of MPs Act 2015. This pdf explains all!
Register All Party Parliamentary Groups

Below you will see, organisations who happily accepted donations from a man known to be against the UK leaving the European Union albeit not a British Citizen! Not only that, they hide behind the façade of a ‘charitable’ organisation. It is not right to allow this man to meddle in a nation’s affairs! However, it is known that he does so, not only in politics, but many other environments within the U.K., but that is beyond the scope of this article, but will be brought to attention shortly.

George Soros, is a Hungarian-American and founder of the Open Society Foundation. This Foundation openly admits on their web site regarding Brexit, “Over the past year, the Open Society Foundations have made grants in the United Kingdom to organizations researching the consequences of Brexit, informing the public about its impact, and advocating in favor of British adherence to the European Convention on Human Rights and membership of the European Union.” In addition, it admits that “two Best for Britain grants totaling under £400,000, the Open Society Foundations have pledged to the European Movement UK £182,000 and awarded £35,000 to Scientists for EU. It has also given Conservative think tank Bright Blue £86,000.”

Best for Britain openly admits that they are campaigning to stop Brexit. Its Chairman is Mark Malloch Brown, a Baron and former UK government minister and United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, as well as development specialist at the World Bank and United Nations, and a communications consultant and journalist, former Labour Minister and also a Director of Open Society Foundation. Its Board Members – Sir Clive Cowdery, Shaks Gosh, Anatole Kaletsky (Chief Economist), Peter Norris (Chairman of Virgin Group), Stephen Peel and Eloise Todd (CEO).

Dominic Grieve, a prominent Conservative MP chaired the Committee urged to investigate claims of Russian interference in the Brexit Referendum, yet also met with Best for Britain in private meetings. To campaign and associate yourself with organisations, sponsored by George Soros, whose intent is only on reversing Brexit, surely not only goes against the code of conduct befitting of a MP1, but also aids the destruction of democracy in the U.K.

Eloise Todd promotes the campaign name of UK-EU Open Policy Ltd on behalf of Best for Britain, originally founded by people like Gina Miller and Richard Branson. The Chairman and Board Members are also the Directors of the company along with Alan Milburn (ex Labour MP) and Sally Tallant, (Director of Liverpool Biennial). In 2017, there were over £1m in donations. Eloise Todd is also connected with Jo Cox Foundation, and once was political advisor in the European Parliament, and is connected to UK-EU Open Policy Ltd and Open Britain.  This organisation happily accepted a donation of £400,000 and it is said that a further £100,000 was donated to match Best for Britain’s crowdfunding page.

It has been well documented that Malloch Brown and Best for Britain intentions are to bring down the Government and force either another referendum or a general election.
Its these Traitors that must be brought down! Those that are intent on obstructing the democratic rights of the Electorate!

Their policy – to stop Brexit and quite happily receive donations from George Soros, who is, not a British Citizen, and actively tries to influence political and democratic decisions in the U.K.

European UK Movement received $245,572 (approximately £190,000) in 2017 from Soros and campaign for Britain to remain in the EU. Present Directors are Keith Lander Best, former Conservative MP in Anglesey, Brendan Patrick Donnelly, previously a MEP, a pro-European and now Chief Executive to Federal Trust, whose interest also is to remain in the EU and receive funding from the EU, and also member of Global Policy and Rt Hon Stephen James Dorrell, a former Conservative MP.

Previous directors were Chris Bryant MP, Ken Clarke MP, Nick Clegg MP, Wayne David MP, Derek Enright MP, Mark Oaten MP, Baroness Royall, Ian Taylor MP, Carol Tongue MEP who is also a part of the Federal Trust.

The European UK Movement is a pressure group campaigning for the U.K. to remain in the EU.

Their policy – to stop Brexit and quite happily receive donations from George Soros, who is, not a British Citizen, and actively tries to influence political and democratic decisions in the U.K.

Bright Blue Campaign Directors include Mathew D’Ancona, Journalist and former deputy editor of The Telegraph and editor of The Spectator as well as Rachael Johnson, sister of Boris Johnson, and prominent campaigner for Remain.

Bright Blue Campaign admits on their web site that the Open Society Foundation is in partnership with them. In 2016, they received from George Soros around £82,000! They also credit a number of MPs and Lords as Parliamentary Supporters of the Campaign who are also supporters of Open Britain. These Parliamentary supporters of Bright Blue mostly support remaining in the EU and a second referendum:

Bim Afolami MP, Peter Aldous MP, Lucy Allan MP, Heidi Allen MP, Stuart Andrew MP, Edward Argar MP, Victoria Atkins MP, Gareth Bacon AM, Harriett Baldwin MP, Lord Balfe who also receives an EU pension, The Rt Hon Lord Barker, Sir Henry Bellingham MP, The Rt Hon Richard Benyon MP, Jake Berry MP, Bob Blackman MP, Nicholas Boles MP, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Andrew Bowie MP, Sir Graham Brady MP, Suella Braverman MP, Miles Briggs MSP, Steven Brine MP, Robert Buckland MP, Alexander Burnett MSP, Angela Burns AM, The Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP, Jack Brereton MP, The Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP, Lord Cavendish, Finlay Carson MSP, Alex Chalk MP, Jo Churchill MP, The Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP, Simon Clarke MP, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Damian Collins MP, Lord Cooper, The Rt Hon Lord Cormack, The Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP, David TC Davies MP, Chris Davies MP, Glyn Davies MP, The Rt Hon Lord Deben, Tony Devenish AM, Jonathan Djanogly MP, The Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP, Charloe Elphicke MP, George Eustice MP, Lord Elton, The Rt Hon Mark Field MP, Lord Finkelstein OBE, Vicky Ford MP, Murdo Fraser MSP, George Freeman MP, Mike Freer MP, Mark Garnier MP, Nusrat Ghani MP, The Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Maurice Golden MSP, Zac Goldsmith MP, The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Luke Graham MP, Richard Graham MP, James Gray MP, The Rt Hon Damian Green MP, The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve MP, Sam Gyimah MP, The Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, Stephen Hammond MP, The Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP, Richard Harrington MP, Simon Hart MP, Peter Heaton-Jones MP, James Heappey MP, The Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Simon Hoare MP, Lord Hodgson, George Hollingbery MP, Kevin Hollinrake MP, Phillip Hollobone MP, John Howell MP, Nigel Huddleston MP, The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, The Rt Hon Nick Hurd MP, Margo James MP, Baroness Jane Scott, The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Robert Jenrick MP, Dr Syed Kamall MEP, Daniel Kawczynski MP, Seema Kennedy MP, John Lamont MP, Lord Livingston, Dr Phillip Lee MP, Jeremy Lefroy MP, The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP, The Rt Hon David Lidington MP, Julia Lopez MP, Jonathan Lord MP, The Rt Hon Lord Luca, Rachel MacLean MP, Alan Mak MP, Paul Masterton MP, The Rt Hon Lord Maude, Scott Mann MP, Paul Maynard MP, Stephen McPartland MP, David Melding AM, Johnny Mercer MP, The Rt Hon Maria Miller MP, The Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, Oliver Mundell MSP, Sarah Newton MP, Baroness Emma Nicholson, The Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP, Neil Parish MP Mark Pawsey MP, John Penrose MP, The Rt Hon Claire Perry MP, Chris Philip MP, Rebecca Pow MP, Mrk Prisk MP, Mark Pritchard MP, Will Quince MP, Dominic Raab MP, Lord Risby, Lord Renfrew, Lord Sassoon, Antoinette Sandback MP, Alok Sharma MP, Chloe Smith MP, The Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP, John Stevenson MP, Rory Stewart MP, Graham Stuart MP, Lord Suri, Dr Charles Tannock MEP, Maggie Throup MP, Adam Tomkins MSP, Justin Tomlinson MP, Michael Tomlinson MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, Viscount Hugh Trenchard, Tom Tugendhat MP, The Rt Hon Ed Vaizey MP, Baroness Charlotte Vere, Robin Walker, MP, David Warburton MP, Matt Warman MP, Giles Watling MP, The Rt Hon Baroness Warsi, Annie Wells MSP, Helen Whately MP, The Rt Hon Lord Willetts.
(MPs Resolution – Code of Conduct 1)

Scientists for the EU received a donation of £35,000 from George Soros to provide funding for the Grantee’s core operations in order to support its campaign for continued membership of the UK in the European Union

Their policy – to stop Brexit and quite happily receive donations from George Soros, who is, not a British Citizen, and actively tries to influence political and democratic decisions in the U.K.

Open Britain last year received over £700,000 in donations but from whom it is not known. In 2016, they received nearly £18m in donations. The Directors are Mr. James McGrory, Mr Joseph Carberry, Mr. Trevor Phillips, Mr. Richard Reed, Lord Peter Mandelson, Mr. Roland Rudd, Director of Finsbury Group Ltd who also donated gifts in kind, Ms. June Sarpong, Mr. Willian Straw, Mr. Daniel Gieve and Sir Michael Rake.

The People’s Vote – supported by European Movement, Open Britain, Scientists for the EU, in fact according to the accounts of Open Britain, they are one and the same. The People’s Vote currently holds a Petition to be delivered to no 10 regarding the Brexit Deal which currently stands at 311,287, a mere drop in the ocean when you compare it to the 1.2 million plus signatures delivered by The List!

Let’s rally ALL the Brexiteers – your fight has not ended, if you voted Leave or you voted Remain and believe in Democracy, please join us today!

For your information,  Peers receiving or due EU pensions:

Lord Balfe and Chairman of the European Parliament Members Pension Fund
Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted
Lord Callanan eligble at 63
Lord Cashman
Baroness Crawley
Baroness Ludford
Baroness Morgan of Ely when she reaches 63
Lord Teverson
Baroness Ludford




1 Houses of Parliament states in their code of conduct “It is inconsistent with the dignity of the House, with the duty of a Member to his constituents, and with the maintenance of the privilege of freedom of speech, for any Member of this House to enter into any contractual agreement with an outside body, controlling or limiting the Member’s complete independence and freedom of action in Parliament or stipulating that he shall act in any way as the representative of such outside body in regard to any matters to be transacted in Parliament; the duty of a Member being to his constituents and to the country as a whole, rather than to any particular section thereof and that in particular no Member of the House shall, in consideration of any remuneration, fee, payment, reward or benefit in kind, direct or indirect, which the Member or any member of his or her family has received, is receiving, or expects to receive—
(i)  advocate or initiate any cause or matter on behalf or any outside body or individual, or
(ii)  urge any other Member of either House of Parliament, including Ministers, to do so,
by means of any speech, Question, Motion, introduction of a Bill or amendment to a Motion.



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