39 thoughts on “BrexitIsOurs

  1. Leaving on WTO is the Legal fallback position of Article 50. I am sick of being betrayed by remain MPs who have shown they entered Parliament under false pretences with their lies to Honour the Referendum result


  2. The people of the UK which we’re entitled to vote, had a chance to vote the way they wanted, whether they used it or not that was the time to decide which way they wanted, Stay or Leave the EU and the people of the UK , England Scotland,Wales and Ireland voted to leave. So I wish Nicola Sturgeon and Scotland MP’s just look at a UK map it hasn’t changed for years Scotland is part off the UK. That’s why they had a vote in the first place.So as I say the people of the UK had a vote and the people voted to leave the EU doesn’t matter how close it was a vote was and the people of the UK voted to leave and you should respect the outcome of the voters
    Am sick of hearing MP’s saying they are fighting for constituency which voted to remain what about the ones who choose to leave don’t they count. All I hear is I am fighting for the remainer’s because truth be told them MP’s want to remain themselves. They have wasted nearly 3 years trying to find a way to stopping the UK leaving the EU and they had the cheek to blame Theresa May she never had a chance with the remain MP’s. This was the people’s vote not the MP’s remember that.
    The people put you their and they can remove you too.


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