Sir Winston Churchill “This is no time for boasts or glowing prophecies, but there is this—a year ago our position looked forlorn, and well nigh desperate, to all eyes but our own. Today we may say aloud before an awe-struck world, ‘We are still masters of our fate. We still are captain of our souls.’”

The time has come for ALL Brexit groups to come together in Unity.  If we are to win this battle, then we ALL must fight under one name #Fight4Brexit

The List is a campaigning group by the People, for the People.  We are not affiliated to any particular political party and in fact, are a mixture of different party supporting electorate who have come together purely to fight for the Brexit for which we voted!
As you may or may not know, we delivered a Petition to Mrs. May at No. 10 regarding our vote on Brexit with over 1.2million signatures!  Her office reply was different to that which has now been presented as the ‘Brexit Deal’.  This deal is contrary to, and inconsistent with, the decision arrived at the Referendum decision.  We warned her then that any unconstitutional and undemocratic action by the Government would lead to considerable public unrest.

We are calling out to EVERY Brexit Group and Organisation to come together.  There are many out there, and The List is preparing to organise the largest event in history to let the Prime Minister and the U.K. know how we feel about this present ‘Brexit deal’.

We are therefore asking that you join with us.  We want to work alongside you! We want as many as possible to join together – safety in numbers – share our campaigns, arrange campaigns together.

What can we bring to the table?  We are prepared to do the ‘back end’ work – get everyone together and work alongside ALL other groups and major organisations.  We have a very large database of members who can be contacted and we are asking that one of your administrators/founder joins us so that we can ALL work together to have our voice heard!  Invite your members to join so that we can keep them advised. Whether you are a local group, a Facebook group, a major organisation – this isn’t about egos or separate agendas – this is about Country, Our Sovereignty, Our Democracy, Our Vote.

Groups/Organisations – we will list your group/organisation on our site with a link (provided by you) back to your page.  If you already have plans or wish to promote anything regarding Brexit, then we are happy to share from our site.

So please, sign up today, and we can then contact you to discuss how we can move forward, together. Regardless of who you are, whether a major organisation like LeavemeansLeave or a large Facebook Group of Brexit Members, or Twitter or Instagram – we all believe in the same result.  Let’s join together and get our message across en masse!

If you are an individual, then please join up below and fight alongside us.

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4 thoughts on “BrexiteersUnite”

  1. Labour as well as the Conservatives need to be held to account and throwing out of office don’t let these people get away with it


  2. Treason Mayhem needs to be reminded that our vote must be honoured. Anything she does behind closed doors that keeps us tied in any way to the EU should be deemed as void.
    As she has no right to keep us locked into the EU in any way when she has told the country that we will be a free nation.


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