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  1. Venice Commission Chapter 5 point 4.1:
    To uphold the law to which Politicians are bound to above, all those remainers should have stepped down. They should have dealt with their constituents in local and national matters, but had a Brexit colleague dealing with Brexit, who wanted Brexit. Then we would have had a smooth Brexit. We voted for No Deal. Instead we have had to witness years of chaos and democracy, further breaking down via the unconstitutional courts. Shameful.

    I pray deeply for your strength and righteous endeavors, and thank the Universe that your humor armory is still well polished. Your people are with you.

    I can also see the light in the glimmering sea of despair, in that 17.4 million people can now clearly see how far the tentacles spread of the globalists, ie all the way to the courts. It will make them question more.

    Feat not as you will know, Populism is growing at a rate of knots all over the world, and Brexit was the start.
    To think my little vote was a part of that…..and you were chosen to finalize it, and I believe you will…..

    And lastly Nettle Tea protects.

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