Here is the Petition.  Please leave your name and comments below.  Read our letter here


202 thoughts on “BorisJohnsonPetition

  1. Just do the honours Boris and Team 🇬🇧🇬🇧leave means out by 31st Oct.


  2. Carole Leishman

    I voted to leave the EU , i did not vote for a deal or staying in the Customs Union or any other part of the EU. They are a corrupt organisation who are intent on completing what Hitler started, and i want no part of that. My father fought in the war and was wounded , he suffered terrible due to what he saw and the effects of Hitlers FINAL SOLUTION. He would be disgusted with our so called MPS taking us into this shambles, He voted Labour as did his Family from when the Labour party was first formed , Coming from the North East he was Labour to the core, however a few years before he passed away he stopped voting, said the Labour Party no longer served the people , they only served for themselves, he was so right . The Labour party are not worth voting for any more.


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