No doubt, Mr. Johnson is intending to honour the Electorate and Leave without a deal or at the very least, a deal which DOES NOT keep us under the political construct of the EU.

Has Mr. Johnson considered that the ‘Benn Bill’ actually is saying that the Commons has no confidence in the Prime Minister?  Should it not follow immediately, therefore that there is a General Election?

As Churchill in 1944 said when an Amendment was put to his Education Bill “I am going to take the first adverse vote for three years on a comparatively minor Amendment to a Bill, and I am going to treat it as a Vote of Confidence and the House must understand it, if it votes against the Government, the fate of the Government is involved.”

It was said by Bevan “When the Government come into conflict with the House of Commons in normal times, they decide to appeal to the country against the House of Commons, and the electorate are called in to arbitrate between the Executive and the Commons.”  Does that not stand today?

“Rightly or wrongly, the country believes that in electing 615 members to this place it has elected the people who will decide what laws are to be.  There will be hopeless confusion amongst the civilian population but also in the Armed Forces, if the House of Commons decides a principle one day and then reverses it the next……who is governing Great Britain?”

(Hansard Churchill 29.4.1944 Education Bill (Question of Confidence) HC Deb

It may be that today is different in that the current Prime Minister has taken over from the last Prime Minister, but it is still a fact, that the majority of the electorate voted for the Conservative Party on a Manifesto, (and the majority voted Leave on the Referendum) regardless of who was leader, and today’s Government is not a coalition.  We are not America, we vote for a party not a person.

Whilst writing, it would be wise to point out that we are still under EU Law and the Venice Commission, to which this country is a signature, states that Parliament will honour the result of the electorate and EU law agrees that the  referendum was requested by the Executive and therefore the call to the people was designed to bypass Parliament.  Having voted by a majority to give a referendum to the People, voted by a majority to invoke Article 50, this Referendum was binding.  When the referendum is legally binding, the authorities must respect the people’s decision. (Venice Commission)


  1. The queen should not sign this royal ascent . She should defend the right of the 17.4 million people . Who voted to leave . It was to remain or leave . Not a deal leave and leave won . Or we could become a republic with no royal family heaven forbid .

  2. They had no right to go against the will of the people, it’s absolutely shameless! I did mention though, that Boris is visiting the queen at Balmoral tonight, is that a coincidence or will they be having a particular conversation?!

  3. Well, when the Remoan MP’s win their way, they will no longer have to bother whether they are voted in or out, as the electorate will no longer be given the vote. Once the EU have Britain in their clutches, the whole of Europe will begin to change, so there are no Governments in any country. It will all be run by un-elected people who will just pass the laws to be implemented by Civil Servants in each country.

  4. Out means out and that should be final, no question.Don’t let this country be trapped forever in the despicable EU.

  5. I voted out there was nothing about a deal so lets just LEAVE AND STAND ON OUR OWN FEET

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