Arron Banks faces Brexit referendum spending probe.

Arron Banks, together with Liz Bilney, has been referred to the National Crime Agency by the Electoral Commission.  It is suspected Mr. Banks was not the ‘true source’ of loans to the campaign and the money had come from ‘impermissible sources.’

However, in Britain, a man is innocent until proven guilty and shouldn’t it be played out on a level playing field?

So……………..openly admitting to campaigning to stop Brexit.

Best for Britain UK-EU Open Policy Ltd
European Movement UK
Demos UK – who brought out ‘hate speech after Brexit’
International Debate Education UK
Hope Not Hate
Scientists for EU
Open Britain
The People’s Vote

Most of these are under ‘charity status’ – how is this Charity????? However, ALL of these have accepted donations from GEORGE SOROS – A FOREIGNER.  These are all political.  These may, or may not, have received the money at the time of the campaign, but that is currently being investigated.  However, accepting money from a foreigner, for the purpose of thwarting a democratic election result is equally as serious to our constitution!

Their policy – to stop Brexit and quite happily receive donations from George Soros, who is, not a British Citizen, and actively tries to influence political and democratic decisions in the U.K.

openDemocracy Ltd

Received $571,230.00 in 2016 from George Soros.

Best for Britain openly admits that they are campaigning to stop Brexit. Its Chairman is Mark Malloch Brown, a Baron and former UK government minister and United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, as well as development specialist at the World Bank and United Nations, and a communications consultant and journalist, former Labour Minister and also a Director of Open Society Foundation. Its Board Members – Sir Clive Cowdery, Shaks Gosh, Anatole Kaletsky (Chief Economist), Peter Norris (Chairman of Virgin Group), Stephen Peel and Eloise Todd (CEO).

Dominic Grieve, a prominent Conservative MP chaired the Committee urged to investigate claims of Russian interference in the Brexit Referendum, yet also met with Best for Britain in private meetings. To campaign and associate yourself with organisations, sponsored by George Soros, whose intent is only on reversing Brexit, surely not only goes against the code of conduct befitting of a MP, but also aids the destruction of democracy in the U.K.

Eloise Todd promotes the campaign name of UK-EU Open Policy Ltd on behalf of Best for Britain, originally founded by people like Gina Miller and Richard Branson. The Chairman and Board Members are also the Directors of the company along with Alan Milburn (ex Labour MP) and Sally Tallant, (Director of Liverpool Biennial). In 2017, there were over £1m in donations. Eloise Todd is also connected with Jo Cox Foundation, and once was political advisor in the European Parliament, and is connected to UK-EU Open Policy Ltd and Open Britain.  This organisation happily accepted a donation of £400,000 and it is said that a further £100,000 was donated to match Best for Britain’s crowdfunding page.

CEO Eloise Todd, once political advisor in the European Parliament, who is also connected to the Jo Cox Foundation and Open Britain.

Eloise Todd received £89,833.31 and £6,247.84 in expenses.

It has been well documented that Malloch Brown and Best for Britain intentions are to bring down the Government and force either another referendum or a general election.

European UK Movement received $245,572 (approximately £190,000) in 2017 from Soros and campaign for Britain to remain in the EU. Present Directors are Keith Lander Best, former Conservative MP in Anglesey, Brendan Patrick Donnelly, previously a MEP, a pro-European and now Chief Executive to Federal Trust, whose interest also is to remain in the EU and receive funding from the EU, and also member of Global Policy and Rt Hon Stephen James Dorrell, a former Conservative MP.

Previous directors were Chris Bryant MP, Ken Clarke MP, Nick Clegg MP, Wayne David MP, Derek Enright MP, Mark Oaten MP, Baroness Royall, Ian Taylor MP, Carol Tongue MEP who is also a part of the Federal Trust.

The European UK Movement is a pressure group campaigning for the U.K. to remain in the EU.

Scientists for the EU received a donation of £35,000 from George Soros to provide funding for the Grantee’s core operations in order to support its campaign for continued membership of the UK in the European Union.

Open Britain last year received over £700,000 in donations but from whom it is not known. In 2016, they received nearly £18m in donations. The Directors are Mr. James McGrory, Mr Joseph Carberry, Mr. Trevor Phillips, Mr. Richard Reed, Lord Peter Mandelson, Mr. Roland Rudd, Director of Finsbury Group Ltd who also donated gifts in kind, Ms. June Sarpong, Mr. Willian Straw, Mr. Daniel Gieve and Sir Michael Rake.

The People’s Vote – supported by European Movement, Open Britain, Scientists for the EU, in fact according to the accounts of Open Britain, they are one and the same.

Lest we forget, the £9million of taxpayers money used to display this!!!!

One thought on “ArronBanks

  1. Since the conception of a referendum there has never been a level playing ground Cameron s gloom and doom forecasts and since the Leave vote won May has invented transition period to allow time for the likes of Soros, Gina Miller etc to get mobilized to get the vote overturned ! We know what’s happening and of exiting the Eu with no devious ties to it it will be the end of parliament as we know it because the public will never trust it again


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