Should our electoral system not be impartial?

Is it not a conflict of interest that Labour MP, John McDonnell’s wife, Cynthia Pinto, was a Director of Electoral Reform Services Ltd from 2007 to 2012?  The principle activities of  the company being the provision of ballot, election administration and market research services.

Under the umbrella of the group, Electoral Reform Society Ltd., were also Membership Engagement Services Ltd, provision of consultancy services related to membership engagement; Xpress Software Solution Ltd, the development and selling of specialised computer software products.  Making a gross profit in 2010 of over £11 million, with a turnover of £21 million.

“Directors received dividends of £1,993,165.00 – for the many, not the few!”


In May 2011, they gave funding of £1,040,599.00 to the ‘Yes in May 2011’ group campaigning for the Yes vote in Alternative Vote Referendum.*

In a Guardian newspaper article they said ‘the yes campaign had outspent the anti-AV campaign by £3.4m……George Osborne, the then Chancellor accused the ERS (Electoral Reform Society) of having a vested interest, as their commercial subsidiary, Electoral Reform Services Ltd, (for whom McDonnell’s wife was a Director), were printing the postal ballots for the referendum.”

“The Press Complaints Commission later ruled against the Sun and the Mail who had to subsequently print retractions.”


Surely, our electoral system must be impartial?

Should it also not be known publicly that Keith Best, once a Director of Electoral Reform Society is also a Director of the organisation, “European Movement of the United Kingdom“, who are behind ‘a People’s Vote‘ and are funded by Soros and EU.  He is also a Director of ‘One World Trust‘ a charity who’s objective is to educate us all in the theory and practice of global governance!

3 thoughts on “Elections2019

  1. I feel that the postal vote is still being rigged, as my partner who is 87 and disabled and on his card it only has 2 choices, tories or Labour, with labour telling students to still register at their home address and uni address so they can vote twice, this is wrong in every level, plus my partner is 87 and disabled and does a postal vote and their is only 2 choices on there tories or Labour, this is wrong


  2. Most crooked and corrupt indeed ! This really must be investigated and those responsible brought to book !


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