Labour are saying that, yet again, they’ll put the NHS at the top of their manifesto!
But who really runs the NHS?

In their last manifestos, where Labour won the General Election, Labour pledged many things regarding health and the NHS.  For example, under a Blair Government in 1997, he pledged that Labour would end waiting for cancer surgery.  However, it was already
an EU programme and EU Health Programme.   Blair had signed the Treaty of Amsterdam, giving away far more of our sovereignty and powers.

To transfer welfare state obligations to the EU, would not only jeopardise their political legitimacy, but cause such an outcry.  It would be unthinkable for the citizens of the United Kingdom that an elected Government had passed the NHS, which they had cherished for so long, into the hands of a foreign entity.  But by signing Treaties such as Amsterdam, Maastricht and Lisbon those governments had become irreversibly committed to European integration and lost more control over national welfare policies.

Due to Article 152 EC, over the years the EU has implemented policies, directives, regulations with funding and management by the Commission  As early as their campaign “Europe for Cancer”, and others, which Blair proposed in one of his winning manifestos, became the template for all future EU health programmes.  The EU now have their own ‘agencies’, such as ‘EU Public Health Programme’; it was just a matter of time until all health was under their control.

Funding from the EU for certain activities not only encouraged certain behaviour and fed into national policy making processes but allowed the NHS to be managed and controlled by EU influence.  For example, EU funding for research also includes how to optimize the delivery of health to citizens and efficient systems. EU governance where direct effect and the supremacy of EU law stand shows how the NHS is now controlled by EU law, policy and governance.  The availability of funding only promotes development in national policy and through these financial mechanisms has given them the platform to control and engage in all aspects of national health care.

Other areas of EU law have effects in health care contexts such as the internal single market, social affairs, economic policies etc.

Effectively, without payment, the NHS has been sold.

See here  is their own “NHS European Office!”

Labour say they will give millions into the NHS?  How much of that is actually EU funding and how are they able to control?

And Labour want to REMAIN! Remember the last time they left, they left us this note “I’m afraid there’s no money left”

NO Money

The signing of Treaties allowed the EU to implement their health strategies and regulations by which we are bound by law.

Treaty of Amsterdam & Treaty for Establishing an EU Constitution – Signed by Blair

“When a Member State raises a specific problem on public health in a field which has  been the subject of prior harmonisation measures, it shall bring it to the attention of the Commission which shall immediately examine whether to propose appropriate measures to the Council.”

Harmonisation is a term used in European Union law. If a piece of law (usually a directive, but also a regulation on occasion), is described as harmonisation, that means that it sets a threshold which national legislation must meet.
There are ‘harmonised rules‘ with regards to health to ensure the establishment and the functioning of the Internal Market and to avoid distortion of competition’.

They provide a clear and predictable legal framework for businesses. If manufacturers follow these rules, their products can be sold freely in the market.  Articles 114 and 115 TFEU give the EU power to legislate for the harmonisation of Member State provisions which either have as their aim (in the case of Article 114), or directly affect (in the case of Article 115), the ‘establishment and functioning of the Internal Market’.

Blair Government 2001 Manifesto –  Work with the private sector to use spare capacity; a new type of hospital specially built and managed by NHS or the private sector to guarantee waiting times.  7,000 extra beds in hospitals and in intermediate care. Build 100 new hospital developments by 2010 and 500 one-stop primary care centres.

Labour ministers only paid £5 billion of the £65 billion “spent” on building more than 100 hospitals between 1997 and 2010.  The rest of the money, some £60 billion, must still be repaid by the taxpayer – with some of the gigantic debt lasting for more than 30 years.

Brown Government 2005 ManifestoInvestment in NHS is up and more than doubled to £69 million.  Expand NHS capacity from within the National Health Service – develop the  NHS Foundation Trust – freedom for GPs to expand provision.  Specialist services from the independent and voluntary sector.  See 2004/192/EC: Commission Decision of 25 February 2004

“We will set up a University of the NHS to guarantee to staff at all levels opportunities for training and career development. Healthcare assistants, porters, cooks and cleaners will be offered an individual learning account worth £300 a year to develop their careers.” said Labour.

The EU did it with the launch of the Lisbon strategy in 2000.

Working Time Directive and the implementation of the 48-hour working week by 1 August 2009. – EU.

“On 1 August 2004, junior doctors in the National Health Service and other healthcare systems throughout Europe will no longer be excluded from the provisions of the European Working Time Directive. Their working hours will then be limited by law, first to 58 hours a week and then, by 2009, to 48 hours. This will demand even more profound changes for the NHS than seen so far in the long march for better working conditions for junior hospital doctors. “

Consultants, doctors outside training and most other NHS staff have been subject to the WTD since 1998. – EU

Individual Learning Account – from the EU see  here

So what were the strikes all about? And yes, EU also have a hand in the pensions too.

The Lisbon Treaty signed by Brown reiterates that a high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all EU policies.

Maastricht Treaty – signed by Major

Article 129 “Health protection requirements shall form a constituent part of the Community’s other policies.”

Stop pretending to throw money at something you are not in charge of!

How is that possible?  It’s the EU that runs and controls the NHS!

But this is OUR National Health Service, I hear you cry.  Well, is it? I mean it’s not as if all
the health service changes comes from the EU? Or does it? Heard of ‘directives’, ‘protocols’? But it’s funded by our taxes, well, technically, I don’t know any more, but I do know the EU funds it!

Did it ever belong to us since joining the EU? Protocols, directives for everything in our health service.


“As confirmed by the Court of Justice of the European Union (hereinafter the ‘Court of Justice’) on several occasions, while recognising their specific nature, all types of medical care fall within the scope of the TFEU. (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union)”

REGULATION (EU) No 282/2014

In accordance with Article 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), a high level of human health protection is to be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities. The Union is to complement and support national health policies, encourage cooperation between Member States and promote the coordination between their programmes, in full respect of the responsibilities of the Member States for the definition of their health policies and the organisation and delivery of health services and medical care.

When it comes to our MPs however, NHS just not good enough.  They have private care on hand, read here

Thank Gordon Brown, he signed the Lisbon Treaty!

Article 2 E
“The Union shall have competence to carry out actions to support, co-ordinate or supplement the action of the Member States in areas : – human health, industry, culture, tourism, education, vocational training, youth, sport, civil protection, administrative co-operation.”
Article 188 C
“The Council shall also act unanimously for the negotiation and conclusion of agreements :-
(b) in the field of trade in social, education and health services, where those agreements risk seriously disturbing the national organisation of such services and prejudicing the responsibility of Member States to deliver them”


The Future -European Pillar of Social Rights coming after 2020 – new EU healthcare policy

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union contains
provisions laying down the powers of the Union…….Union action complementing national policies and fostering cooperation in the field of health (Article 168)


  1. They have finally realised they will lose the election, and are trying to buy voters. They aren’t even a shadow of the past labour parties. Barring that lieing corrupt muderer blairs followed by lieing corrupt browns.

  2. We really have no idea who is running our country any more or just how much this country is just following EU rules and legislation.

  3. Politicians have not got either the power or authority to allow the nhs to be given or sold to any country / organisation. Prime ministers major blair and brown, along with every pm since 1974 have committed crimes against the population and treason. None had the authority to deal with the corrupt eu. There is nothing that the corrupt politicians and eu can do with this country. No politician or country has the authority to overturn magna carta. The wording of the magna carta, shows in no doubt that politicians have committed treason. That being said, the politicians and prime ministers law that changed in respect of politicians cannot be charged with treason is null and void. They all know what they have done is illegal, politicians haven’t any authority or power to do anything in regards of the magna carta. What’s more they have wilfully stopped people useing the magna carta to keep us in the corrupt eu.

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