The majority of People voted for Leave.  We cannot afford to lose Brexit in this General Election.  An alliance must be made between the Conservatives & Brexit Party.

We have sent a letter to Boris Johnson today, outlining the People’s Voice regarding Brexit.  We cannot allow OUR BREXIT to be, yet again, thwarted at the ballot box.

Many people can no longer support the Conservatives and the Brexit Party would be their only choice.  Nigel Farage has now stated that he will withdraw some party candidates from the General Election, and not stand against the Tories.  Many people are therefore left in ‘limbo’.

Nigel Farage has shown his stand for Country.  He has shown that he is a man of principle.  This is not a time for egos or political party manoeuvres.  Just as the Remain camp is ganging up again and forming alliances to thwart the democratic result, so must the Brexit camp come together for the final battle.

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