Some M.P.s have called the Electorate ‘stupid’. 

Some M.P.s may have called the Electorate stupid.  However, those M.P.s and their staff work alongside the most famous clock in the world – Big Ben.

According to official reports, it’s accuracy is to within a second of the correct time.

How is it then from 2015 to 2016, nearly 1,700 calls were made from the House of Commons to the speaking clock? Costing the taxpayer nearly £900.00!  Could they either not use their mobile, a watch or listen out for the clock? Or just merely take a step outside!


  1. How dare they call the electorate stupid, we the tax payers are the people who pay their salaries! Yes I suppose we are stupid to have them in the posts they hold!!


  2. And these Politicians are allegedly Educated, they haven’t got a miniscule of intelligence between them all, just let us get to them in a General Election, the public will show them who is stupid or not

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