It’s the Electorate vs. Establishment.  You DO count! Your vote counts! Who is controlling the United Kingdom? The Judiciary?  Parliament? Gina Miller? The media? It SHOULD BE YOU. This is NOT for any political party – this is for you!!

The List-Brexit is prepared to stand and fight – are you?

If reinstating Parliament was so important for the sake of sovereignty, why then have they spent the whole time since re-sitting having petty arguments about language and the making of apologies?  You can now see them for what they truly are.

You cannot stand by and let these ‘elites’ whether MPs, Judiciary, Media, grasp control of your life by bullying and forcing you into accepting what they want!

If we ALL come together, then in numbers, together we can have the loudest VOICE.

This week, the Supreme Court decided to go in favour of Gina Miller et al, and at no time, took into consideration the wishes of the Electorate. (read our email to the Supreme Court asking to take our wishes and thoughts into consideration) Of course if was about Brexit, we all know that.   How can the Prime Minister be acting illegally if he has the mandate from 17.4m plus Electorate?  All Parliament is doing is trying to thwart the result of the 2016 EU Referendum – this is NOT democracy.  If proroguing Parliament was so long, why then not have shorter holidays and cancel the Party Conferences?  I thought Brexit was so important?

How is it that the Courts did not recognise that by submitting the ‘Benn Bill’, MPs in Parliament were actually usurping the functioning of the Executive? Who is controlling the United Kingdom now? The Judiciary, Parliament, the media?

But how did we get here?  We were taken into the EU initially illegally.  By the time the Maastricht Treaty was signed by John Major, most of our Sovereignty & Powers were given away to a foreign entity WITHOUT our Consent.  That is treason.  Support us bringing those to justice.

It’s time that the Electorate stood up and said “Enough is Enough“.  We gave our decision, we demand democracy, we demand leaving the EU entirely!

They have damaged not only our country, our constitution but the very foundations of democracy, and no longer hold any trust nor respect from the Electorate.

These traitorous MPs are intent on biding their time until such time as they can take over with a ‘caretaker government’ – a coup.  We cannot let this happen.

It may be that in future, we need a written Constitution, (our Declaration MUST be inserted sign here) for we cannot allow this to happen again.  The Fixed Term Parliamentary Act should be repealed; and an Act in its place should contain a section whereby the Electorate can hold Parliament to account.  All these and more cannot be done until we reinstate democracy, and have the Brexit we voted for!

We MUST demand an election – it’s our only hope.  #ElectionNow sign here