This pathetic pantomime has to stop now.   #Enough is Enough!

The Supreme Court overstepped the line by getting involved in politics.  They, as well as Parliament do not run the country.  The elected Government does.

Within Separation of Powers, the Judicary must NOT interfere with the functioning of the Executive.  MPs in Parliament too, with their ‘Benn Bill’ have taken over the running of the Country and are not allowing the elected Government to carry out the wishes of the majority of the Electorate.  THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY.

The Electorate are Sovereign and lend their sovereignty to Parliament at times of election.  It is NOT for Parliament alone to run the country nor give away our Sovereignty and Powers EXTERNALLY and without our consent.

Enough is Enough! We have put up with this pathetic pantomime for too long.  Businesses are now suffering because of the uncertainty.  The majority said LEAVE. That’s democracy, however much you may or may not like the result.  If you fight against the result, then you have lost democracy and encourage dictatorship.

Now rumours of a second referendum being incorporated in any ‘deal’ (or treaty) will do nothing more than anger most people and will be totally undemocratic and wrong.

Look at those MPs who have left their parties, manifestos they stood by in order to get elected and are now remaining as ‘independents’? Are they abiding by their constituents wishes?  They refuse to have a by-election.

We therefore DEMAND AN ELECTION NOW!  Enough is Enough!

We need to fight for our democracy, return competent, democratic MPs back into Parliament and clean out the poison that is sweeping our system.


We want to bring those responsible for giving away our Sovereignty & Powers to a foreign entity, the EU, WITHOUT the Consent of the Electorate, to account. Read and support here


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