The Supreme Court DID NOT take into consideration the Prorogation Act 1867 nor the Fixed Parliament Act 2011.

The Supreme Court seems itself to be above the law.  It is now apparent to most of the Electorate that this country is, not only in a total mess, but is corrupted.

Three main points the Supreme Court did not take into consideration

  1.  The Electorate hold Ultimate Sovereignty and twice gave a mandate to the current elected Government and Executive.
  2.  The Prorogue Act 1867 states :
    Power to Her Majesty to issue proclamation for the prorogation of  parliament.U.K.“Whenever (save as herein-after excepted) Her Majesty shall be pleased, by and with the advice of the Privy Council of Her Majesty, to issue her royal proclamation to prorogue Parliament from the day to which it shall then stand summoned or prorogued to any further day being not less than fourteen days from the date thereof, such proclamation shall, without any subsequent issue of a writ or writs patent or commission under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom, be a full and sufficient notice to all persons whatever of such the royal intention of Her Majesty, and the Parliament shall thereby stand prorogued to the day and place in such proclamation appointed, notwithstanding any former law, usage, or practice to the contrary.”
  3. The Fixed Parliament Act 2011 states :

    6.  Supplementary provisions

    “(1)This Act does not affect Her Majesty’s power to prorogue Parliament.”

By today’s opinion, as it is not law but an opinion of the Supreme Court, one can only come to the conclusion that they are indeed part of a political wing masquerading as a court of law.  The rights and liberties of the majority of the Electorate have not been taken into account nor heard nor mentioned.  Over 17.4 million gave a mandate to the Executive, twice.  Ms. Miller and her Cabal hold no mandate but now together with the Courts, appear to be conspiring to stop democracy, change our constitution and be above the law.  Whatever happened to the Separation of Powers?

It is time for the People to come together.

John Major too prorogued Parliament for more base reasons – “cash  for questions/Maastricht Treaty” – than the matter under consideration.  How can you listen to a man who signed the Maastricht Treaty, thereby giving more Sovereignty & Powers to a foreign entity, without the Consent of the Electorate, which is forbidden under our Constitution?

We must bring democracy and order back to our country, join us against this tyranny!


  1. Thoroughly corrupt in hindering the direct wishes and votes of the British peoole, insinuating that misinformation was deliberately afforded is indicative in accusing her majesty the sovereign queen of collusion in untruths. Proroguing of Parliament has been carried out previously so no wrong has been committed , lady hales prior announcement in stating her remainer stance is also bias and not procedural of ANY judge in ANY considerations of ANY case. The entirety of these hearings ought now be declared null and void. Especially with such obvious EU influences regarding outcome.

  2. It is ok to publish this, but what is or can be done???? if nothting then it’s just words and that’s all we have had for 3 years plus.

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