We have received a general reply from the PA to Lady Hale, albeit very swiftly.

We give this below together with our reply.

Dear Helen Davies

Thank you for your email of 22 September 2019 regarding the case heard by the Supreme Court Justices earlier this week between 17th and 19th September.

As Lady Hale explained before the hearing started, the Justices had before them two appeals, one from England and Wales and one from Scotland. They both involved the same issue: whether it was lawful for the Prime Minister to advise Her Majesty to authorise the prorogation of Parliament by Order in Council.

Lady Hale continued:

“That this is a serious and difficult question of law is amply demonstrated by the fact that three senior Judges in Scotland have reached a different conclusion from three senior Judges in England and Wales. The Supreme Court exists to decide such difficult questions of law. And we shall do so in accordance with our judicial oaths: to do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm without fear or favour, affection or ill will. It is important to emphasise that we are not concerned with the wider political issues which form the context for this legal issue. As will be apparent when we hear the legal arguments, the determination of this legal issue will not determine when and how the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.”

You will be aware that the hearing has now concluded and you may view the court proceedings via our website (  The Court’s judgment will be published once it is known.

Beyond that we are not able to comment further.

Yours sincerely


Miss Ayo Onatade
PA to the President of the Supreme Court and Lord Kerr
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

Parliament Square, London, SW1P 3BD

and our reply

Dear Miss Onatade,

Thank you very much for your swift reply.

For the sake of the ultimate sovereignty held by the Electorate, and our rights and liberties, all we ask is that the Supreme Court Judges be given the opportunity to read and consider our email letter, for which we were unable to request a formal audience.

We believe that it is vitally important that the Lords and Ladies are aware of the gravitas of the situation.

We would be grateful for confirmation that ‘our voice’ as set out in our email letter has been forwarded to the Judges for their attention.

With thanks


Helen Davies

Second N.B.

Just so you are aware, we have published a copy of our email letter on our web site, in order that the majority of the Electorate may too voice their opinion and support.

We have just done this and to date there are 47 comments which you are welcome to read.



Helen Davies


33 thoughts on “SupremeCourtUPDATE

  1. The judiciary are conspiring with Europa. Europe is controlled by the judiciary ” judge made law” the legal profession and senior police are involved in this conspiracy. I informed Richard Tice some weeks ago I have enough evidence to discredit the treasonous judges ! send a postal address for a copy.

    The Germans created the EEC in 1918. see: The Zollvereign German Customs Union. resurrected by Hitler.
    Once the Central European Bank is located in Frankfurt controlled by Berlin and administered from Brussels the UK will be bled white along with France, Holland,.. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece etc are all basket cases and will be propped up with uk monies. Wake -up you idiots don’t you see All the trop remainers are Lawyers
    Chuka, Anntoinette Sandbach. Soubry, Ken Clarke, Alan Beith, Starmer. on it goes the lawyers have hi-jacked the uk.


  2. What are you people in government trying to do you don’t believe in democracy you can’t stand the fact that we wanted out and the fact that we won the referendum what a complete set of narcissistic personalities you people are just wait when you have to tell your governor everything that you do including the time you go to bed it’s another name for communism that’s what you’ll have


  3. My faith in the rule of law has been destroyed by the obvious remoan biased, highly political decision today by unelected judges.
    The UK has been attacked by the judiciary and remoan elites using money and the courts to try to frustrate our majority, democratic vote.
    The judges are Motivated by a political remoan position.
    Now.. if you are wealthy and can afford lawyers, you can reverse the votes of over 17.4 million good people.
    The judges are as corrupt as some banana republics.
    Democracy is a defunct word today in the UK.


  4. One of the principle duties of government is not just to govern, but also to be very aware and understanding of the electorate. This often requires deeper feeling and empathy with the concerns of people who are perhaps not in their best element when having to publicly argue their own point of view. Anybody who has any decent interpersonal skills will often argue against themselves in order to make sure that people less confident at making there own point of view heard are given a fair chance. So you might continue a discussion by saying It looks as if we are going to take this course of action but thats not to say we should not take the alternative, and you might prefer that, even if it entails the obvious difficulties. If you are a true democrat you may well follow on by saying that whatever you all decide I will go along with, and as a long we all know what to expect. I will make sure that we make it happen. In other words a person of integrity places service towards other people, and winning their respect above personal inclinations.
    What we are seeing is a gang of people who are apparently entirely deficient in this basic sense of fairness, and one of the fundemental qualities of what we term the best part of human nature. They should have a care people at their best will always be prepared to give a little ground but pushed too far they might ditch the normal democratic means of argument in favour of something that will make the elite bitterly regret their patronising superiority.


  5. Supreme Court Judges

    Parliament was not prorogued, it beggars belief how you have come to this conclusion……You along with the rest of the pro remain establishment will eventually be held accountable for attempting to undermine democracy and the majority will of the British electorate…..We hear daily, members of pro remain parliament and establishment claiming how undemocratic our prime minister has behaved, and how he should resign…….Whilst you have all defied democracy by denying leave attempts on many occasions……..Your behaviour is abhorrent, and you will be held accountable for your actions…..


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