If it is acceptable for the Supreme Court to consider the motives of the Prime Minister then what of the consideration of the motives of those bringing the case to Court?  We were not allowed an audience.

As we were not allowed an audience to give our thoughts or consideration, The List-Brexit has sent an email to the Supreme Court Judges.  We may not have the financial funding that Gina Miller accepts, but that should allow our consideration from not being heard.  After all, we gave the Prime Minister a mandate, twice. Gina Miller has no  mandate.  Below you can read our email sent to all Supreme Court Judges. pdf. format Email Letter





UPDATE :  Read their reply here



  1. I would like to address this to the Members of the SUPREME COURT
    TONY BLAIR created this EU driven Supreme Court He and many others should be arrested and tried for Treason .He has colluded with Foreign Governments to fight against our democratic vote to leave the EU. This man is any Enemy of the UK. The Law lords that wouldn’t bow down to the EU remit of Open Borders and Multiculturalism were retired off with very large pensions. The Supreme Court were acting on behalf of the EU using EU Law and therefore their verdict is void and without merit. BORIS is aware of this and he is fighting against the Globalist’s on the leavers behalf.. We were sold off illegally to the EU by Heath and subsequent PM’s .which now looks to me that the Corruption goes back much further than 40 odd years. Have any of our PM’s been legitimately elected during our time as a member of the EU? The Fight being put up by the REMOANER MP’s is absolutely disgraceful. and again they should all face criminal charges for actively working against our Democratic Country. We have really superb Laws and they should be dusted off and used against the remoaners. There will be hell to pay if the Leave vote in its entirety isn’t respected. If there is no deal it will be entirely the EU and the remoaner MP’s Fault for thinking they can overturn the peoples choice Never EVER will it be BORIS JOHNSON’s Fault.. The EU weren’t counting on him being in his position and they also underestimated him because of advice given to them by the Traitor BLAIR

  2. Brilliant letter Helen.
    I have a preference for “Any Answers” to ” Any Questions” as on balance you get far more common sense from the callers after the programme than the panel during it.
    I sensed at an early age at a school, in the days before University for everyone,the “intellectuals” or “clever bu**ers” going to Oxford or Cambridge were largely devoid of what was referred to as “common sense”. Practical people had it in spades.
    My conclusion was that University was ideal for those studying Law, Medicine, Scientific Research etc. mostly “cerebral activities”, although medicine has a high practical as well as cerebral content…. in my view Politics should not be an option,politicians should be about belief not education.
    In short politics and the judiciary are full of impractical people. Churchill could lay bricks.Boris likes buses.
    Only in my view will sense prevail when judges can think clearly.They fail to see the wood for the trees.

  3. We have to consider the very thin line which whilst supporting the Democratic will, also supports bias. Democratic will, will be biased in favour of the will of the masses. Bias, as demonstrated by the Supreme Court 11 is wholly unacceptable.
    When Parliament has achieved their position by and relying upon assurances, which they, presumably, had no intention of keeping and when that stance is supported by a Court, with NO legal precedence to rely on, then Justice has NOT been served, and the only consolation that the masses have, is that should we achieve a Brexit Party majority, then change will happen.

  4. Mens rea? That would be more pertain to Criminal Law. I am still awaiting the ‘legal’ issue, what law has he broken? This was just an opinion, and a unanimous opinion which is worrying. No-one against? Taking into consideration their learned friends decision in the High Court. Dangerous, they have stepped over the line into politics – Separation of Powers. Supreme Court blatantly biased, upset the balance of Power, clearly wrong in law. Should all be sacked. Disbanded. Gone too far, imho.

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