It’s time to call a spade a spade.  Let the truth be out!

The List – Brexit feels it is necessary to bring to public attention that offences under the Felony Act 1848 have been committed.

Let’s be honest.  Do we really stand a chance in the Courts as Brexiteers?

Many people have, not only lost all trust and respect for Parliament, but very little trust is left in the Judiciary, having now decided to involve itself in politics.

For this reason, in the first instance, we have sent our letter to the Attorney General, Mr. Geoffrey Cox, QC MP.

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Letter_Attorney General download in pdf.


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  1. I support Boris 100% . Get rid of all the back stabbers in Parliament and try Teresa May for treason against the British people.

  2. I fully support and agree whole heartedly with this letter. Something really needs to be done to clear out anyone in government or parliament that has a conflict of interest with the EU, and who is willing to sell out our country.

  3. I voted leave and cannot begin to understand why 17.4 million people are being undermined and being called some atrocious names. All the MPs past and present who do not support the referendum results should all be sacked. Their actions and statements have undermined Democracy and should all be charged with TREASON

  4. we did not sacrifice our brave men and woman, on a lie by t bliar

  5. I believe all the MPs and Speaker should be punished for going against our countries democratic decisions. It is bad enough having to deal with the unelected EU but to have our own British MPs siding with a foreign power against the will of its people is unforgivable and should be tried for Treason.

  6. I think it’s about time this was done it’s absolutely Diabolical what they have all got away with so far

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