It’s time to call a spade a spade.  Let the truth be out!

The List – Brexit feels it is necessary to bring to public attention that offences under the Felony Act 1848 have been committed.

Let’s be honest.  Do we really stand a chance in the Courts as Brexiteers?

Many people have, not only lost all trust and respect for Parliament, but very little trust is left in the Judiciary, having now decided to involve itself in politics.

For this reason, in the first instance, we have sent our letter to the Attorney General, Mr. Geoffrey Cox, QC MP.

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If anyone feels they are able to support The List – Brexit in getting this to Court, then please contact us.


Letter_Attorney General download in pdf.


Page 1,2

Page 3,4

Page 5,6

Pages 7,8



82 thoughts on “Treason

  1. We voted out, but because it was not the vote they wanted, The greedy traitors in westminster are doing their best to throw democracy aside.
    They forget they have maintained the myth throughout the world that the UK is democratic, and now the world can see they were liars.


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