Are you a British Lion with a loud roar, or do you just prefer to seethe at home in annoyance at how our country is being run?

Democracy (from the Greek which literally means “the rule of people”)

If only the people of the U.K. were as brave and stood up for their country like those unfortunate people in Hong Kong.  We are fast losing our Democracy and Sovereignty.  But you can do something.  Let’s stand together in our millions!

United we stand, divided we fall!

Millions of you can now stand up and be counted by leaving your name to our Declaration which is being sent to Government, media etc.  We will show them that millions of us agree to the Declaration and we are sending a powerful message.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Sign here now 

You can also help by copying the pdf. or link and sending it to your own M.P.

M.P.s are just not listening.  The People voted to Leave the European Union, and Parliament must abide by their decision.

It is obvious by giving the People the 2016 EU Referendum, the Government designed to bypass Parliament and by the Executive doing so, the people “have the right to accurate establishment of the result by the body responsible for organising the referendum.” (Venice Commission Voting Procedure 3.2 b iii).

A ‘trade deal’ and leaving the EU are two separate issues.  M.P.s are surreptitiously
using ‘no deal’ in order to Remain.  If there is no deal, then there is no leaving.

It’s not just Brexit! M.P.s have, through Brexit, shown their true colours.

They do not believe in Democracy, they see the People as meaningless and believe they, themselves, are supreme, elites, know better, and we are here to be ruled by them.  They work for us. They are in Parliament to represent their constituents, whom they now ignore.

Even their own ‘Code of Conduct’ points out Members shall base their conduct on a consideration of the public interest, avoid conflict between personal interest and the public interest and resolve any conflict between the two, at once, and in favour of the public interest.”

Parliament is corrupted.  Parliament needs to change. Parliament is odious to the People.
We have a big job at hand, but let’s first start by joining together with this Declaration.

We would like you to join us in everything, so sign up today

Dominic Grieve said “At the end of the day it is a matter for the majority of the House”.

NO NO NO. It’s a matter for the majority of the people whom you represent.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 21 (3) “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”.

This is not just about Brexit, its about Democracy!  SIGN HERE NOW then pass this on to everyone you know.


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