Whoever our new Prime Minister will be, we must ensure that we serve to him our Declaration. Democracy must survive today and for future generations.

If democracy is to survive in the U.K., then for today and future generations, our uncodified Constitution must contain a declaration from the electorate.

This Declaration will declare that to transfer or give away the sovereignty and powers of the United Kingdom Electorate to a foreign country or entity, without the declared assent of the Electorate, by way of Referendum specifically set up for that purpose, is a breach of the Constitutional law and is illegal.

In 1973, under the government of Edward Heath, we were taken into, what was described as a common market with Europe called the European ~Economic Community. Two years later, in the 1975 Referendum, the electorate chose to Remain however unaware, that bit by bit over the years, our sovereignty and powers were given away without our Consent.

At no other time were the Electorate consulted on the true meaning of future treaties signed nor was their Consent given – the Single European Act (1986), the Maastricht Treaty (1992), the Amsterdam Treaty (1997), the Nice Treaty (2001), the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

Those that voted Remain never understood what had happened and what is going to happen when they voted to Remain.  Unlike those who voted Leave, they did not do their homework but bought into the political sound bites ‘safer in’, ‘stronger together’, ‘for the sake of my grandchildren’ – it was for the sake of their children and grandchildren 17.4m electorate voted to Leave.

However, its’ no longer just about Brexit; this is about democracy, our sovereignty.
‘We already have democracy, sovereignty’, I hear Remainers cry.  Do you really believe that?

Why are there constantly directives for this, directives for that?  Our education, our police, our NHS, our laws, our Parliament – all are controlled by the EU.  Sovereignty is the full right & power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies, and that’s what Leavers want to get back.

If you think your MEP can vote against this and that in the EU Parliament, then wake up!

Not so long ago, Martyn Selmayr, a civil servant and former Chief of Staff to Mr. Juncker was fast-tracked in February to Secretary General of the European Commission.  The EU Parliament adopted a resolution for his resignation, with a majority of 71%, yet he still remains in the position today.  Even the EU Ombudsmen cited four instances of maladministration, but to no avail.

If you want the right decisions for your country, then we need to repatriate back our full sovereignty and powers from the EU.

Look at Venezuela, look at Catalan, look at Hong Kong – “give them their independence, their democracy, listen to the people” you cry, yet you are happy to remain chained to the EU.  Is this what you want for your country?

Brexit was just the start, the beginning of regaining our sovereignty but we must never allow this to happen again.  We must protect our children, our grandchildren, their future.

We need to get our country back, not only from the EU, but from those corrupt MPs who continue to defy democracy and go against the People.

So read the People’s Declaration, and if you believe in full sovereignty and powers within a democratic state; you believe in protecting the future – then sign and share here. 




  1. I am sick to death of the remoaners thinking we didn’t know what we voted for. Get us out NOW – no conditions
    I am also surprised that Parliament can get a bill through and passed within 24 hours yet the MP from the English National Party has been waiting months for a hearing in the High Court saying that Article 50 was voted on by Parliament and passed so went into statute books and is Law so we basically left on 31st March so why hasn’t this all been made public?
    Another Referendum? – It is not the best of 3 – might be in Scotland for Nicola Sturgeon who has them willy nilly till she gets the result SHE wants – Let her people know about the Barnet Formula and all the other money they get from us…
    We have had a peoples’ DEMOCRATIC vote we said LEAVE so get on with it……Don’t give up Boris we wont – we support you 100%…..

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