BBC Debate – how pathetic.  Who won? The Brexit Party won. This was a debate between Conservative MPs jostling for the position of the Leader of a Politic Party.  Why then, were we subjected to a party political broadcast?

All candidates were ready to put their own point forward; how their ‘plan’ would see us through Brexit; and how they would govern the country until the next General Election.  In some ways I was looking forward to it, but to be honest – there’s an hour of my life I won’t get back and at the end of it, I found my self questioning my decision.
Turning the channel off, I heard myself muttering out loud, they still don’t get it, do they?
What the hell was that all about?

As the picture shows, it was childish and pathetic! Like watching garden gnomes, who have no idea, fight for a good positioning around the pond.

It was an hour of pathetic, political, virtual-signalling of no substance – rather like having to sit through a party political broadcast but there was no General Election due.
On top of that, at times, it was like listening to a radio programme that you just couldn’t get correctly tuned to the station. Chaired by Emily Maitlis, who just could not be quiet after having asked the question, or butting in when they spoke, then allowing two or three to speak at the same time, it made you wonder why you bothered.

As per usual, the BBC bias was there for all to see. Allowing questions from random ‘conservative voters’, rather than being Conservative voters from the Conservative Association, who the BBC purposely selected – the Imam who now appears to be an anti-semetic Corbyn supporter with a taste of rather nasty tweets it has been reported and a 15 year old (not old enough to vote) girl from Glasgow who in fact turned out to be a labour party activist of a Climate Change Movement.

Why were we listening to this?  Most of us were not going to get a say in who wins and did we really learn anything at all?  In my opinion, no.  It was the usual political spin, not being held to any answer rubbish.  No deal or a deal? It would’ve been far more entertaining if they had had the debate in the studio of of the game show, “Deal or No Deal” – at least we would have had the fun of watching them each open a box!

Why were they giving out ‘their plans‘ or as Michael Gove kept repeating, with his hands coming together as if he were about to open an imaginary box, ‘I have a plan’.  Perhaps he did think he was in the other studio?  What plan? Surely, unless they agree to hold a General Election immediately after choosing their next leader, they should be taking their ‘plans’ from the manifesto the majority of people voted on to put them where they are in 2017?

I’m not going to go into the details of who said what, who was right, who was wrong, but I will disagree with other reviews, in that, I do believe you must keep ‘No Deal’ on the table – any negotiator will know that you take nothing off the table, you let the other side go first with a proposal, then you come in with a counter proposal and are prepared to walk away with no deal.

Who won last night? In my opinion – the Brexit Party.  I believe one or two questioners actually admitted to having voted for the Brexit Party in the recent EU Elections; yet not one of them asked why? Why did you vote for them, and how can I assure you that voting for me is better?

These MPs still do not get it! They do not listen and when asked to hear from the People, they turn away, so they will never learn.  Not one of them believed that 17.4 plus of the British Electorate already gave their answer – these politicians, fighting to become the leader of the Conservative Party are like ‘turkeys voting for Christmas‘.  What are they becoming Leader of and will their party still be there after the next General Election is the question they should be asking themselves, if they carry on the way they do.

Politics needs to change and the sooner we clear out the mess in Parliament, the better.





  1. There was no need for Emily Maitlis to go over old ground regarding the past of the MPs’. At least they would all keep no deal on the table apart from Rory Stewart. What are his plans for leaving the EU?, if he stated a plan I missed it. He just seemed to be saying nothing although actually speaking
    Any extra votes he gets today, if any will be from remainer MPs’

    Alma Hinton

  2. No, we should not ‘Keep Mo Deal on the table’. We should leave now under WTO ans set all our energies into making the transition as smooth as possible. Then, when our machinery is starting to run smoothly, we should invite representatives of the EU to OUR table to discuss terms and how much they are prepared to pay us for tarrif free access to our markets.

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