We are now nearing the end of Mr. Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom.

To announce on twitter yesterday that ‘we stand for peace, justice and inclusivity’, when it was his very own supporters who threw a milkshake into the face of someone who just disagreed with their point of view. Oh the irony, the hypocrisy!

Mr. Corbyn declined an invitation to the state dinner for Mr. Trump, yet seemed to think he should have received a one-to-one meeting with him.  Yet his hypocrisy in attending the state dinner arranged for the Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2015.  China, a country known for its contempt for human rights and its control; not too dissimilar to the EU where the State sees itself as sovereign to the population who have no rights unless awarded so by the State, which can be withdrawn at any time, by the States’ discretion.

Mr. Corbyn has accused Donald Trump of spreading hatred and division – he even disagreed with Mrs. May rolling out the red carpet, saying ‘to honour a president who rips up vital international treaties, backs climate change denial and uses racist and misogynist rhetoric”- I’m surprised, when May announced his visit in Parliament, we didn’t witness him leaping across the despatch box, like an angry tiger escaping from his enclosure, to hurl a milkshake in her face.

Wasn’t it his own shadow government ministers that spread hatred during the EU 2016 Referendum with comments such as ‘White people love playing ‘divide & rule’; branding Brexiteers as ‘stupid and racist’, “Blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls” are unsuitable as nurses because they had “never met a black person before”; even left-wing journalists joined in with comments ‘Little Englanders’.

Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, who said: “We are not going to allow you to be the representative of the United States that we believe in.”  Ms. Thornberry seems to forget that her insults are aimed at the majority of United States Citizens who democratically elected Mr. Trump to be the President of the United States; since when does the U.K. have a say in who becomes the President of the United States?  Perhaps Ms. Thornberry should take her comments to North Korea!

To cap it all, Mr. Corbyn, the opposition leader, ranted for about 10 minutes, at a poorly attended rally saying we “stand in solidarity” with those the US President had “attacked in America, around the world and in our own country”, disrespectfully referring to Mr. Trump and his entourage, as ‘visitors’.

Hatred, divisive, misogynist, racist – put your own house in order!

If you disagree with the politics and agenda today you are branded not only a racist, but far-right.  The opposite to far-right is far-left and the other end of the spectrum does not paint a nice picture.

Corbyn is not a European type socialist, he is willing to go all-in, Venezuela-style.  Wasn’t it Corbyn who tweeted congratulations to Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President, for his supposed show of support for the poor and that wealth could be shared?  Venezuela that suffered hyperinflation, when it is rich in oil, having the largest proven oil reserves in the world, and causing chronic shortages of food and medicines for all the people; a presidency embroiled in corruption and economic incompetence.

Corbyn who hailed Cuba’s Dictator, Fidel Castro as ‘a champion of social justice’.  The litany of abuses laid down by this Dictator; incarcerated homosexuals in labour camps, the sheer poverty, are just some examples.  His desire to honour and host an event in Parliament, for ‘his friends’ from Hezbollah.  The anti-Semitism row, that is currently running through his party and still has not been clearly and suitably addressed.  Praising, the then leader of Libya, Qaddafi, for his ‘achievements’.

The supporters of this far-left party are represented by a man, blinkered and divorced from reality, with an unrefined quality to his world view, culminating from a lethal combination of anti-capitalist, Communistic ideology to years of back benching activism – a man who called the killing of Osama Bin-Laden ‘an assassination attempt’.

This party, led by Mr. Corbyn, should, themselves, be taught peace, justice and inclusivity.  For it is those that stand under this party’s flag that call in the electoral commission to the offices of an opposition party, The Brexit Party, at the last minute, purely to cause trouble as it goes against their ideals.  A party racked with anti-Semitism, a party whose ideology matches that of foreign dictators, that of maoism and communism. Their supporters who throw milkshakes in the face of anyone who dares to disagree, those supporters who throw bricks into their own ministers buildings should they dare to speak out against them or their leader.  The Momentum group, a grassroots organisation that quickly moved in, is like the legendary concrete-smashing, tarmac-raising Japanese knotweed that every gardener fears. The new pro-communist, zero-tolerance Momentum now owns the Labour Party.

Perhaps we should not only be calling Mr. Corbyn and his supporters, hypocrites but calling their actions ‘a hate crime’.  The young, and those new to politics, should be told; told exactly who or what you are supporting for they forget to see the danger behind their rose-coloured glasses and blinkered vision of a “newer, kinder politics” – its’ been before, and it wasn’t a nice picture.  The young should recognise the actions of their new-found friend – of intolerance of others’ opinion, intolerance of democracy, hatred and obnoxious name calling.

A brexiteer may be called ‘far-right because his or her views are different to that of the Remain supporting Labour party,  but the opposite of far-right is far-left.

It is not time to call a spade a spade – this is the extreme far-left hiding behind ‘kinder politics’.



  1. This anti British pro terrorist moron should along with the rest of that abusive loud mouth anti democracy party leaders be held accountable for their disgusting actions .. they are all such hypocrites and most like corbyn have never ever done a proper hard days work in their miserable corrupt lives . They suck all they can fronted British hardworking people so they can do nothing but still live the millionaires lifestyle .. they are all an embarrassment to our country and what the original Labour Party was .. for the British hardworking people.. these are now champagne Charlie’s bleeding our country dry .. THE ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD WAS WATCHING US OVER THE LAST FEW DAYS to JOIN US IN MEMORY OF THE MILLIONS WHO GAVE THEIR YESTERDAY SO WE COULD HAVE OUR TOMORROWS and I hope they don’t think these corrupt hypocrites are who we the British people are .. for we do not believe in any of these cowards or what they stand for

  2. Though to watch BBC news programmes you would not recognise all the truth outlined above. The Guardian Newspaper likewise elevates this party of subversives into a Kind Gentlemanly Mirage. The Muslim postal vote holds them up to levels well beyond their true worth, for their own motives. It’s gangsterism, just not as we know it. The swamp is a wide one. CHANGE POLITICS FOR GOOD,and restore our democracy to a level playing field. Fair play required. We’re British, after all.

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