What does Remain look like

Since the 2016 EU Referendum, you can still hear it being asked today – what does Leave look like?  Well I want to ask you, what does Remain look like?

The answer to that question will resonate with most Leavers and give Remainers an insight into the reasons why we voted to Leave.

I will rephrase the answer, so that you may understand – we want ‘our freedom’ back.
You support parties such as SNP and Plaid Cymru, yet we are labelled ‘far right Nationalists, Nazis, and racists!’  The words are too frivolous to raise serious discussion, beyond acerbic social banter, and yet the debate no longer focuses upon national issues but rather resorts to launching ad hominem attacks on the Leaver.

One of the main reasons for voting Leave was the return of full Sovereignty & Powers to the U.K. and not immigration.  Many have retorted, ‘we have sovereignty’ – but you don’t.

Why are Remainers so pessimistic yet Leavers are optimistic?  Here are 12 points to consider.  If you want to learn more, I suggest you do what most Leavers did – your own homework.

What is the EU and what would Remain look like?

1)  The Founders of the EU considered that the wars and other mishaps of the 20th century had occurred through the ignorance and lack of wisdom & judgement of the electorate of individual countries particularly in Germany. They came to the conclusion that the only way that this could be avoided was to join all European countries into one unified State. That State would be governed by an “Elite” which would not need to have recourse to the electorate but would govern in the manner of a benevolent dictatorship. They did not envisage a federal State but one unified State acting as one country. In this way, wars between countries would be avoided and the elite would ensure that no disaster would befall through decisions taken by an ignorant and unsophisticated public. This is the golden thread which runs through everything as the following will illustrate. In a sense, they believe that it is the divine right of the elite to govern. (Remember King Charles 1?)

2)  Accordingly, the Institutions and constitutional structures of the EU were created so that the laws of the EU are made and implemented by the European Commission which is a body of Civil Servants. The European Parliament has no power to legislate but merely to comment on laws created by the Commission and suggest amendments. The Leaders of individual countries meet from time to time to validate and agree general policies which are decided by a majority with certain exceptions.

In the United Kingdom, we have inalienable common law rights that the state cannot deny us or take away from us unless it is changed by Parliament through a democratic and legal process.  In Europe, the population have no rights, but rights are awarded by the State and can be withdrawn by its discretion. 

In the United Kingdom the people control the state through elections, for ultimate sovereignty rests with the people particularly in relation to our Constitution. In Europe, the state controls the people for it is the state which is sovereign. In the United Kingdom we do not have a ‘state’ police force; we have county police forces accountable to the Crown which represents the people. In Europe they have state police forces whose job it is to enforce state policy. 

Only just recently, Mr. Juncker declared in a speech “The European Union must turn into a major sovereign power on the global stage making the world in its image, setting out plans to make Europe militarily and economically independent from its traditional ally the US.”  The disdain and, to a degree, the contempt which the EU holds for the general populace of each country is shown by their conduct in Greece and Italy by forcing the appointment of an EU official to govern these countries rather than an individual elected by their electorate. Where is their sovereignty?

3)  The EU now proposes to establish an army and police force for themselves and bring in compulsory national service. They also intend to do away with current countries and break them up into provinces such as the South East of England being joined to parts of Northern France to create one province of the EU. Similarly, with Wales and Northern Ireland. Think – if there were to be an ‘EU Army’, how would that make the rest of the world feel? Would that not make Russia, a near-neighbour, more aggressive? How would we be perceived by our oldest and largest ally, the United States?  Who controls the Army and Police? Who decides if we go to war, and would you get a say? How does the EU keep peace, when it is NATO that is in charge? Who says one of the EU countries will not fall out with another?  How do you know this EU Army would not be used to enforce the will of the EU Commission? When communism fell in Russia, why didn’t the wonderful ‘EU’ put out its hand and say, we’ll help you, instead of turning its back on them? Why did the EU decide to ‘poke the bear’ by inspiring Ukraine to topple its government?

4)  The EU created the financial system with its own currency known as the Euro. This has created untold damage with the Mediterranean countries being slowly strangled to the benefit of Germany and some other northern countries. No sympathy has been shown and little assistance given to the Mediterranean countries. Further no practical assistance has been given by the EU to them when faced with the excessive waves of immigration which those countries have suffered, particularly in Greece and Italy.

5) What about the border in Northern Ireland!? Who wants the border? Not the U.K.  Take Norway’s border with Sweden – it’s one of the simplest and most technologically advanced customs borders in the world, and lorries only ever have to stop once. They do not have to repeat the same process on both sides of the border.  Norwegian customs say they deal with about 1,300 heavy goods vehicles every day – which is less than a tenth of the number that passes through Dover.  Norway may be in the Single Market (EEC) but not the Customs Union, but it shows that a plan can be put together; but then is ‘our border’ problem being used as a political football.

6)  The internal single market and customs union, which the EU has created, is a highly protectionist system with high tariffs. This has the effect of the ordinary population of the UK having to pay more for food and clothing than they would if they were allowed to buy through the global market. It has now reached the point where the EU is under performing in the global market; there is high unemployment in the Mediterranean countries and even Germany’s economy is going in the wrong direction. Whilst the global economy is growing, the EU market is declining. 

The Single Market and the Customs Union serves large conglomerates, represented in this country by the CBI, that retain and control the benefit. The combined share of international trade of WTO members now exceeds 90% of global trade.  It is global trade that is growing; the EU resulting in rapid economic decline and levels of unemployment, and this should concern you.  Being part of a group of nations becomes problematic in reaching mutually convenient agreements. Yet countries such as US, China, Australia are keen and waiting to strike mutually beneficial free trade deals with the UK.

UK Government statistics :

In 2018, there were 2.2 million more businesses than in 2000, an increase of 63% over the whole period, but the majority was due to self-employment.  The proportion of businesses with employees has fallen since 2000 from around a third, to around a quarter. This decline in the number of employers as a proportion of all businesses is due to the growth in self-employment.  The table below shows businesses in the UK broken down by the number of employees.


The usual definition of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is any business with fewer than 250 employees. There were 5.7 million SMEs in the UK in 2018, which was over 99% of all businesses.

We should therefore be optimistic, embrace and support our entrepreneurs and SME’s.

7)  Being in the EU for many years has corrupted the establishment of the UK. The thread of gold has percolated into this body. It is noticeable in the behaviour of MPs. Their assertion that they are sovereign in their own right and that do not have to take cognisance of the electorate or stay faithful to their manifesto. The contempt for the electorate – “that bigoted woman” by Gordon Brown.  “Nutters and fruitcakes” by David Cameron, Anna Soubry calling those that voted Leave ‘fascists’ – Nick Boles and Anna Soubry whose constituencies voted Leave, are now prepared to act to bring down their own Government and go against their own manifesto, are but a few examples. The project fear which is promoted by the BBC and many newspapers, subtly or otherwise, is likewise insidious.  In fact, these elected Ministers have given our Sovereignty and Powers to the EU, without our consent, and no doubt, there will come a time when their services are no longer needed, as the EU installs a representative to look after the ‘northern state’.  They are like turkeys voting for Christmas.  Just like the Lords, currently sitting in an ineffectual House of Lords, (another argument, another day) unless of course, they are relying on their ‘EU pensions’.  This thread of gold has even percolated into our civil service.  How is it unelected civil servants, such as Ollie Robbins and Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill, are now officially in charge of Brexit negotiations?

8)  This is the economic and political system which we are told would be a catastrophe to leave. Why? Is it that they have been so corrupted by the EU in this manner and wish to retain their influence and financial benefits by being an EU “elite”?  It is the EU which is clearly a disaster in the making which no sensible person would take part in.  The EU is NOT a democratic institution.  Take their attempt at creating their own Constitution – enshrining all their rules into one document for all countries, ensuring that the Brussel elites maintain their standard of life and perks forever and of course, their control.  France, Holland rejected it.  So bit by bit, they insert their demands and control into ‘treaties’.  Look at Ireland, they were asked to vote on the Lisbon Treaty.  They took a referendum and it was rejected, yet the EU told them to vote again and change their minds otherwise they get no money.  How is that democratic?

9)  The attitude of the CBI is a reflection of the desire of large conglomerates to retain the benefit of protecting themselves from competition from small to medium size companies, by being in a highly regulated market where their size and financial clout enables them to deal easily with the regulations and afford to lobby EU officials. It is for their benefit and that of their Directors and not of the general public. The golden thread of the elite again. You or your town do not get ‘money and funding’ from the EU; it’s your money, your taxes recycled.

10)  Those of you who voted to remain should think seriously about what it is that you want to participate in. In the medium to long term, it will be an economic and political disaster carrying a real risk of a person or group grabbing the levers of power and becoming a less than benevolent dictatorship. The appointment of Martin Selmayr is one small example.  The promotion of Martin Selmayr, nicknamed “the monster” by his boss, was fast-tracked in February, condemned by some as a coup. He was Chief of Staff to Mr. Juncker, and was the mastermind behind Juncker’s campaign for the presidency.  Suddenly in the space of a few minutes, he was appointed Deputy Secretary-General; the existing top civil servant, suddenly announcing he was retiring.  The EU Ombudsmen cited four instances of maladministration. This just reveals the attitudes to power and accountability at the top of the E.U. The European Parliament adopted a resolution with a majority of 71% calling for the resignation of Martin Selmayr. He still remains in the position and now has his eye on removing Barnier as the Chief Brexit Negotiator, so that he can ‘come down hard’ on the UK if he gets control of our future trade talks.  What happens if one day someone with certain ideologies would manage to fast track their way to the top?  Not only would they have their own army, their own economy, but been  in control of vast areas of Europe. 

11) This is not the happy uplands which you perceive. There are now significant numbers in the populations of France, Germany and Italy to name but a few which have now realised the real and dangerous nature of the EU.  Their ‘secret’ shop unknown by anyone else; where tax-free products could be purchased by a ‘selective few’. They admit that this was true in their reply to the Daily Mail investigation and the shop has since been shut down. Do I have to spell out what this reminds us of, which not so long ago, was an ideology within one of a present state member?

12) The EU is like an octopus; they have their tentacles in every aspect of our lives. In our laws, our government, our security, our education, our media, the NHS etc., so if you have an axe to grind with some aspect in your life, may I suggest you look to the EU and not our Parliament?

With regards to the NHS, rulings from the European Court of Justice, and the European Commission’s policies of recent years, mean that “Services delivered by national health systems are, as a rule, now considered as an economic activity”.

  • It would appear that the EU are looking to privatise the NHS in order to have ‘fair competition within the member states.’
  • ‘the need to co-operate and consider how private and public health sector co-operation can be rationalised’ or not letting public healthcare providers receive public money unless private firms get their hands on it too.
  • ‘presenting to EU Parliament a vision that private hospitals in Europe promote patients’ freedom of choice which stimulates fair competition in healthcare’.
  • ‘the EU must build a well functioning healthcare service market and make healthcare a competitive European service industry’.


So we chose Leave.

We want freedom.  Freedom to choose how we live, control our own country, our laws, choose how our country is run and by whom. 

We too voted for our children and grandchildren – we chose freedom for them. Do you still want to Remain?

34 thoughts on “What does Remain look like

  1. A small but important point I feel-The Lib Dems should be made to take the word “Democratic” out of their Party title because they are not democratic. Also why do Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour insist on following remain policies when the majority of people in Wales voted to leave the EU.


  2. There should not be a single MP in Parliament who is a remainer. MP’s are the elected representatives of the people. The people instructed the MPs to extract UK from the EU – not a qualified extraction – just a simple ‘Get us out’. MPs chatter on about the 47% who voted to remain – a simple majority vote is 50% + 1 – and the MPs were quick to accept just that majority in a recent House vote but are not willing to accept a greater majority as a referendum result. If Mps feel unable for any reason to accept the instruction of the people then they should resign. As to suggesting that they are in the House to represent their constituents – then – yes in all matters excepting the Referendum decision which transcends constituency matters.


  3. I voted out ,not for a deal with the EU but out,and the return of democracy which has been diminished over the years


  4. Parliament has repeatedly lied since the Referendum was held, and, the result known.
    Both sides of the house have been guilty of destroying Democracy, we should therefore punish them.
    We can do this, and we must do this. We will do this by having a Brexit MP in Parliament.


  5. Our elected MP’s were taken aback by the referendum result,
    they certainly did not expect the result that the MAJORITY of us voted for,
    ever since politicians (of all parties) have squirmed and wriggled like a bag of worms
    their own futures in some cosy EU office in Brussels will not be available to them,
    like the current gravy train ex Westminster MP’s enjoy.
    If these MP’s were a commodity you or I had purchased in a retail outlet.
    we would be within our rights to return them as “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”
    we all need to remember these hypocrites,
    who are making a mockery of the democratic decision taken by their electorate.
    Show your anger and disgust come their re-election time


  6. Is there actually any mechanism which enables the Speaker of the House to be removed from office? If not then we are all wasting time and effort. If so – then there would need to be a majority in the house for this action and, given the seeming preponderance of remainers – those self opinionated individuals who accept pay plus perks from the electorate but refuse to accept instruction from their paymasters – there clearly is not. So, sad to say, it looks as though the poison dwarf will remain in office despite public opinion.


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