Thursday 23rd May will be seen as a Second Referendum!

On Thursday, 23rd May, everyone will be watching.  This is our moment to shout yet again, LEAVE!

We cannot, and will not, allow this undemocratic government and Parliament renegade on the result.  So make sure YOU vote; make sure YOU TELL all your family and friends and work mates to get out there and VOTE for a Brexit Party!

Depending on your choices – whether that be The Brexit Party, UKIP, An independent Brexiteer – make sure that you tell – Conservatives, Labour, Liberals –

We don’t trust you, We don’t want you, We voted to LEAVE! A deal was NOT part of the process.

Let’s make this EU Election our final say – their Second Referendum – LEAVE the EU!!

As they say, the Pen is mightier than the Sword!

5 thoughts on “EUElection

  1. Vote to leave the EEC won honouring that outcome must take place no deal is better than Mrs Mays treaty and no deal is required we simply voted to leave


  2. We left on 29 March. The biggest thieves in the Country are the majority of MPs or Lords.
    They have no honour or loyalty.


  3. Yes lab,tory and lib are in for a surprise me thinks, because they are all undemocratic,self serving maggots.


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