Are you listening now?????? Brexit means Brexit.  Leave means Leave

Dear 650 MPs in Parliament, (and top Civil Servants who think they can laugh at us every day in the office, yes we know!)

You have seen the results coming through from the Local Elections, many look like thisvoted

You have all lost seats! Are you listening? Liberal Democrats, get over yourselves! It doesn’t mean you are in with a chance at the General Elections, there are a lot of votes for you from Remainers AND some from ‘you’re the best of a bad bunch for local reasons only’.

NO WE DON’T WANT A SECOND REFERENDUM! Honour the first – that’s democracy!

We delivered a Petition, we sent you more of what our members are saying, but still, you don’t listen.

You have absolutely no idea of the feeling and anger out here in the real world, do you? and it’s not all to do with Brexit. An idea, get rid of her, lead with a real Leave supporting MP!

Here to save time for you, we googled this, only for one day


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