The U.K. was taken into the European Union illegally and unconstitutionally.  Those responsible should be held to account!  We must protect our future generations and never let this happen again.

The List is campaigning for ‘The People’s Declaration’ to be inserted into our uncodified Constitution and campaigning for change.   We must not only have our Declaration inserted into the Constitution so that no-one may ever again can give our Sovereignty and Powers to a foreign entity, without the Consent of the Electorate by way of Referendum, but we must also campaign for those responsible to be held to account.  You can read the Declaration and the Authority on which we rely here and sign the Declaration here.

The List is also considering campaigning for the electorate to be able to prorogue and/or dissolve Parliament should they go against the wishes of the majority of the Electorate in the future.


  1. Out meant out, It still means OUT for those in parliament who are deaf.

  2. We the people ot the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016 after decades of subservience to their laws, diktats etc. We were promised by politicians from all political parties that they would abide by whatever decision won the referendum vote. Lies and more lies – large numbers of them ignored the results of their own voters and carried on as if the referendum results were of no consequence but their pro EU stance was all that mattered and we should remain shackled to one of the most undemocratic bodies to emerge in Europe since Hitler and Stalin reigned supreme!

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